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  1. They kind of reminded me of a sex partners, lovers or friends that you’re both attracted to and repulsed by. The kind who bring out your deepest desires and then afterwards if you’re not being honest – you try to say “they made me do that.”

    Sabrina and Cara take you into parts of yourself that you might not want to own- but since they are up there owning all of themselves the beautiful, the grotesque and the things that are both- why not join in?

  2. An excellent piece performed beautifully. From the pantamime elements done to perfection to the semi-forced audience participation this show has everything a FRINGE FESTIVAL should have…and Deserves. You should’ve seen this show…you fucking earned it!

  3. This show is what the Fringe is. I went to see a genre I didn’t know (bouffon clowning) but saw much more: smart political comedy, pushy social commentary, and performers completely attentive to each other and to us in the audience.

  4. Beyond a doubt, this is the best of the show. This “anti clowning” is also morphing of Commedia physical theater into modern times. Humor about things that should not be funny. You’ll be tickled and pin pricked continuously. The two actors tore down the fourth wall right from the beginning and never gave the audience a chance to rebuild it. Non stop action that didn’t allow the actors or audience a chance to catch their breath. A dozen skits that seamlessly blended from one to another so the effect was more of a frequency change. It took the Fringe’s two musicals a large cast, music numbers, and choreography to create the energy of these two actors.

  5. What a fantastic show! I highly recommend it! The performers gave everything they had to make the audience laugh and cringe in the best possible ways. Their writing was phenomenal, mostly hilarious with intense moments of cringeworthy insight into modern life and chilling beauty. These are two extremely talented clowns and it was such a treat to see them perform! Brava!

  6. What a great show! Two ladies with smart political humor and irreverent physical humor. The birth of civilization goes OB-GYN graphic…

  7. San Francisco is already pretty “outside of the box”, “different”, “edgy”, “eccentric”….
    This show goes 10000 times beyond that. YFEI is a rare opportunity to see raw satire in the shape of Bouffon. Don’t miss iiiiiiiitttttttt.

  8. You Fucking Earned It will leave you feeling something for sure. A dark and beautifully grotesque reflection in the mirror held up to human nature. Funny, clever, and leaves you looking inward at the bubbling pustules of guilt and indifference blighting our very souls. 10/10

  9. Bouffon clowns are the premium jesters of society, the non-relatable clowns you hate because they make you see your mistakes. ‘You Fucking Earned It’ is a brilliant lesson in conscious selfishness. Naked Bouffon Empire Co punches every first world problem you have in the stomach, making you regurgitate a heart-sized turd so you can reflect on where you last took a shit and who it landed on. Go see it; you deserve it.

  10. *****
    This was a real treat.

    What begins as an admittedly “remedial” performative metaphor, builds on itself and develops into a hilarious and disturbing critique of excess.

    With Buoffon, performers don’t so much “hold a mirror and force you to look.” It’s more like they invite you to willfully embrace–and accept–the things you do that make you terrible. Like a really fun carnival ride that makes you kind of want to vomit afterward but it was worth it.


    Highly recommended to folks looking for something funny, thought-provoking, and original!


  11. In “You Fucking Earned It”, Sabrina Wenske and Cara McClendon use the art of Bouffon to mock modern Western culture. You will cringe as they highlight your complicity in evils such as imperialism and entitlement. You will also laugh your ass off. The ability to evoke both responses at once is one of the great strengths of Bouffon.

    McClendon and Wenske use their warped, gnomish Bouffon bodies to great effect, sometimes building on the shapes and other times letting them contrast absurdly with the characters they depict. It’s a very physical performance, and while related to clowning, the difference both in the visual aesthetic and in the more confrontational relationship with the audience make the experience really stand out. Go see it!

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