24 thoughts on “To be or not to be, telle est la question!

  1. Ahhhhh….. Marion….. (As I say this, I feel as if I’m falling back into a soft, dreamy cloud)
    Yes, this is about analyzing Shakespeare’s most famous speech; Yes, we’ve heard the speech over and over (even those who aren’t in the theatre world); but this is a new. Why? Because it speaks to Marion’s life and experiences. Very well, I might add. I’ve witnessed her huge progress on this piece and love to see her improvements. She and this piece are delightful treats. And I am very happy and proud of her accomplishments thus far.

    This is a great short piece and has the potential to be a solid hour-long show. Alas, she has not, in my opinion, reached that point yet. While the show is monotone, her personality, humor, and accent. make it entertaining.
    Bravo for the work you’ve done so far, Marion!!

  2. Highly entertaining reflections on growing up in a mildly dysfunctional French family. I could almost feel Marion’s embarrassment as she, as a child, listens to her mother berate the butcher for having the order a few minutes late. Hard to believe that her mother accused Marion of not being assertive enough. That’s certainly not Marion’s problem now as she muses about her life and Shakespeare. Thanks for all the hard work and a wonderful performance!

  3. I’ve known Marion for many years. She’s one of my oldest friends. But even I didn’t know most of what she shares so intimately, so analytically and yet so painfully and with such implicit depth of feeling in this one-woman show. It is a miracle of mastery of observation of one’s own life and the meaning we can make from it–no matter what it seems to want to make of us at times!

  4. A touching and personal show, performed with humor, compassion, and honesty. See how just a few lines of Shakespeare can form the structure for a multi-generational family story, and how what we’re made of shapes who we are.

  5. “La condition humaine” with a french twist!
    So raw and entertaining, I loved it, Marion is a great performer and storyteller.

  6. What an excellent show! Funny and moving and beautifully constructed. Having to memorize (and find meaning) in Hamlet’s famous soliloquy unlocks the humanity imbedded in the language to provide a rich and honest and very human personal portrait.

  7. Marion makes you laugh a lot, even if the topic is difficult. It is full of wit, irony an self-deprecating humor. A great performance!

  8. I really enjoyed this show because of how Marion related the lofty Hamlet monologue of To Be…to her own personal story of growing up with difficult parents, while having to navigating around all the adults that tried to influence her as she tries to develop her own sensibilities. She digs deeply into her history, which involves WWII, from the French perspective. She is a witty performer, self-deprecating, aware, funny and intelligent. While mostly humorous, there were some truly poignant moments that had me tearing up in a surprising way. Go see this wonderful performance!

  9. Marion Lovinger’s show was a joy to watch, and it does something I always hope for when I go to a performance: it ‘untangles’ aspects of being human that we often don’t speak aloud but hold inside as little ropes, binding us into structures we don’t even see. With humor, grace and artfulness, Marion set me free in ways I had no idea were coming. Go see it!

  10. A must-see performance! It will make you laugh and it will also stir up your emotions. Everyone can recognize Marion’s family story in some ways. She found the perfect dosage of wit, facial expressions and excerpts of French songs to entertain you continuously from beginning to end.

  11. Choosing what to see at the Fringe is always a fun and sort of blindfolded project. “To Be or Not to Be” is a great choice. Besides combining deep thoughtfulness and hearty laughter, Marion encourages us to embrace Shakespeare’s famous words as we follow her lead and reflect on our own childhood, on our own family. All this is accomplished with great physicality and timing as she brings to life her family, past and present. She is a fine comic; not to be missed.

  12. This show is both funny and somber.
    Thank you Marion for making us reflect on our complex and somewhat painful relationship with our dear mothers…

  13. This show was fantastic. I was moved to near tears at times while the laughter followed quickly. I highly recommend going to see Marion. Both my better half and I talked about it at length after the show, which (to me) is the epitome of true art. Thank you, Marion!

  14. I saw Marion’s 1 hour 1-woman show (which she both wrote & performed) today and it was so much fun! I loved it! Marion shared a lot of stories from her own & her family’s past that had the audience laughing throughout — myself included. I especially loved how expressive she was — I bet she’d be an amazing mime. (I wish I could express so much with my face… I wish I could remember that much about my past!) There were times where she was touching on some very heavy history and I wondered once how the audience would handle it, but Marion masterfully kept us in high spirits until the end. I certainly found myself relating to her dynamics with some of her family members, and found myself wishing that I knew her as a kid and had had the opportunity to join in in some of the fun that was had…. I say: See the show! and bring your friends!

  15. Seeing Marion on stage is always a great pleasure. She explores feelings and family relationships in a humorous and deep way. Her shows are thoughtfuly written and very well staged. Her French accent is a charming signature.

  16. I was impressed by Marion Lovinger one woman show. It’s perfectly well written and amazingly well performed : it’s funny, entertaining : always a pleasure to see Marion on stage !

  17. I had the privilege to see a workshop performance of this piece and it was a hit! Marion is thoroughly entertaining on stage–full of humor and an engaging storyteller. This is a very fun/ny show and she manages to artfully weave together multiple stories into one. I always love seeing her perform.

  18. Always expressive and so entertaining,! Marion is a wonderful performer! She brings out the humor in life’s ups and downs .

  19. Marion Lovinger’s exploration of the human condition—pain, suffering, vulnerability, world war, losing your keys—is endlessly entertaining, universally appealing, and at the same time oh so French. Nuanced writing and characters, dripping with ironies and a good red wine.

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