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  1. The scripts are all well written and the stories run the gamut in terms of tone and style. All very entertaining. My personal Favorites were No Longer A 10, A Crime Can Always Be Found and Not Worth Enough to Wipe your Ass. Strong cast overall with high marks for Stefin Collins, Diana Brown , Meira Perelstein and Desiree Rogers. Topical and frightening at times but lots of emotion and ideas to ponder.

  2. $wampland devels into the state of America today. The emotions and ideas are ones we are all living with every day. All the plays are good/great.

    Patrick M. Brennan’s A Crime Can Always Be Found with Philip Goleman & Desiree M. Rodgers was very well acted and written.

    One piece in particular was RIVETING. Susan Jackson’s “Not Worthy Enough To Wipe Your Ass” talks to the split in family and friends over the past election.
    Diana Brown’s portrayal of Lorena takes the audience through a myriad of emotions many of us have had to face. You will never look at a family Thanksgiving the same after seeing her do this play!

  3. Is the Swampland anthology serious commentary trying to be entertaining or entertainment trying to be relevant? It doesn’t matter. With seven approaches you will get everything. Personally I favored the plays that were fast paced and deeply sarcastic. Other people may prefer the painfully introspective ones. Information is packed into the scrips whenever possible. Its too bad there wasn’t a piece featuring the Great Orange One himself but the troupe only had one actor to play all the unctuous male minions in the existing scenes and was stretched thin.

  4. Quite entertaining with some more than others. The acting ranges from good to excellent… particularly loved Susan Jackson’s “Not good enough….” Diana’s performance was exceptional…. I was not the only one laughing through my tears.

  5. Well-acted, intelligently written, and very relevant collection of stories for (and of) our times. Makes you squirm a little. Makes you think and laugh a lot!!

  6. Poignant tales that brings to light many issues we face today. Some issues we are afraid to bring up. They call forth the elephant in the room and bring it center stage. We’ll done.

  7. $wampland was advertised as “seven political plays” so I had my guard up though I knew six of the writers and am in a group with three of them. They made a series of “pledges” (The $wampland promise) you’ll see in the program, though, and I think they kept to them. The shows were all, to a greater or lesser degree, riveting and entertaining, particularly gratifying considering the political impulse that gave rise to the project. Charley Lerrigo’s “Lesson Plan” and Susan Jackson’s “Not Worthy Enough . . .” particularly, I thought addressed realistic issues made more problematic in the current environment – the former, a teacher seizing a gun from a student yet not wanting to jeopardize his (or her own) future by belatedly turning it over to her chain of command; the latter, a lesbian who faces familial rejection at Thanksgiving, a kind of disapproval and exclusion more readily expressed today. Madeline Puccioni’s “No Longer a 10″ was one of the best, a hysterically funny impression of recent political dialogue (though adhering 100 percent to the Democratic narrative).
    The latter half of the show, the last three plays, continued to be very engaging (and sometimes, as in the case of the first half of Bill Hyatt’s “Fake News” – hysterically funny – and I say this as an identifying Jew) theater while politically veering off into Fantasyland.
    If these plays are just looked at as dystopian fantasies, they’re OK. If you believe that Trump wants to – and much more importantly, is able to – destroy the existing framework of constitutional, and at least partially democratic, governance in the U.S., then you will enjoy the political messages too.
    I believe, to the extent these are viewed as potential guides to action – that Trump’s victory equals totalitarianism, a futuristic version of 1930s central/eastern Europe, implying we are all justified in resisting “by any means necessary” – I believe that is a deluded and profoundly dangerous way to go, only worsening existing polarization, and making one wonder: Who is really endangering democracy here?
    Democracy requires some empathy with those with whom we disagree, a willingness to be on the losing side, willingness to compromise, and to see how some absolutist demands and slogans we support may not always be victorious.
    The totally made-up idea that we’re in America now or imminently confronting totalitarian, mass-murdering dictatorship appears to justify violence, assassination, who knows what, and seems to exclude any self-examination, reflection or empathy for the other side. And is truly dangerous to democracy. A majority of American voters outside California voted for Trump. A significant majority of white voters nationwide voted for Trump. This is not dictatorship or a coup.

  8. $wampland also had many thought provoking sketches. It addressed a wide variety of topics plaguing America today, all from the POVs of characters who live in these communities. It addressed issues of race, class, fake news, the path our political situation has now set us on, and how individual members of under-privileged communities will be affected by it.

    It’s my personal belief that the last scene (set in 2027), while appearing too far out, isn’t as far out as we think it is, and we’re already on that path. One thing that I would have liked to see is mention of existing real-life laws and ordinances and executive orders passed today and then extrapolate to fictional laws passed in the future to get to the setting.

    Very thought provoking, very well written, and brilliantly acted in. Their first show was amazing, do check it out, it’s only going to get better!

  9. We’re visiting SF from Australia wanting to know more than the news about the USA today. Swampland delivered. Funny, thought-provoking and, yes, disturbing. Your democracy is ailing sadly. Great acting. Go support these creative people.

    • lots of thought provoking stuff. a necessary take with comedy and drama that we need right now. yes, I was one of the playwrights, but the entire piece, with Wes Cayabyab’s direction, was motivation enough to impeach 45.

  10. Yeah, okay, my play NO LONGER A TEN is in this show, and Wes and Nkechi and Meira and Stefan did MAGIC with my play, but honestly, I was amazed that all the other plays were MAGIC too! I mean this is a really REALLY fine consistent, dark funny theraputic cathartic show about how we survive you-know-who — seven different takes on how we survive and triumph and they all involve vision and hope, and laughter. Truly grateful to Bill Hyatt and Charlie Lerrigo and Wesley Cayabyab for all their hard work putting this together. Go see for yourself. SWAMPLAND zips along and helps us laugh .

  11. Excellent acting and pacing! I enjoyed the whole cast and their depiction of the different roles in the seven plays. Fake News was hilarious. 2027 was disturbing but I guess it could happen!

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