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  1. As a fan of Twilight Zone I found the staging and acting 100% spot on.
    My only complaint was each story I wanted just a bit more.
    Perhaps cutting one of the three to expand each of the others just a tad more. However the “Sophie’s Choice” is Which story to cut? Since each one was so intriguing I can not pick.
    I can say that this actors play their roles with such an honesty to the style of the time period portrayed.
    Won’t disappoint any fan of Twilight Zone

    • Hi Jaye, thanks for your review. We have tried to stay as faithful to the time period and sensibility and yes, we wish there was more time – that said, the fact that you appreciated our approach means the world. Thank you so much!

  2. WARNING: minor spoilers. This play is quirky and powerful. Three short plays presented back to back with the same cast, based on the style and structure of the original Twilight Zone. The cast is uniformly excellent, dominating the space with concise melodramas. Like the Twilight Zone, supernatural themes are combined with issues of contemporary concern regarding sexuality and politics in a way that really stayed with me. The play is asking the question: are some of our narratives about politics and sexuality essentially so weird that they would qualify as… (cue dissonant strings music…)….”TALES FROM THE 5th DIMENSION!” The crew behind this play clearly thinks so, and the result is a little like a dramatic version of a good Adbusters issue filtered through sci-fi. There should be more plays like this. All that is to say: I liked it. See it if you can.

    • Loved the review, glad you were able to attend. We agree, thematically the plays work to deliver a take on some “what if” scenarios that taken to their contemporary conclusions are still haunting us to this day.

      Hard to sustain something as brilliant and the original Zone, so the goal is to give our audience a chance to return to a black & white landscape beyond time, beyond reality – and if you feel like Rod Serling is breathing down your neck during the performances, all the better.

  3. This show was an ambitious mix of video and stage. It’s a very interesting concept with a clear nod to Rod Serling. All of the pieces have an interesting mid century vibe. While there was some issues with the lights and sound, this was more than compensated by the superb acting and interesting storylines. It was fun. I recommend focusing on the dialogue and acting. I caught some unique themes in the story lines that were not readily apparent to everyone watching.

    • Thanks Chris, no question our show is ambitious, much better to shoot for the stars 🙂 We are excited to be part of the Fringe and will strive to build off the momentum of our first performance and get any sound or lighting issues resolved. No question we are pleased that you appreciated the themes and stories presented in the tone & style of the master, from our point of view The Twilight Zone continues to have enormous impact on our culture, understanding of the human condition and how relevant storytelling through analogy can be.

      Thank you for being at the show, you are a big part of what makes the Fringe Festival such a unique experience.

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