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84 thoughts on “Singulariteen

  1. This play is hilarious….chock full of extremely funny moments. The actors are top notch and keep the action moving along in a very engaging way. I enjoyed myself immensely watching it AND it made me think about the world we live in.

    • I loved Singulariteen! Fast moving, Funny, Thought provoking. Not 1 dull moment! Great twist at the end! And I too, loved watching mom ‘catch on’… Especially loved both of the kids. Good energy, through-out! And that’s a good thing- for a 10:30pm curtain! This was my first Fringe experience. I loved the Exit, and the concept. Hats off to you! I’m be back for more on Saturday!

  2. One of the funniest, most well written shows ever. The subject material is spot on, especially given today’s political climate. But best of all was the amazing cast, which was absolutely perfect! You don’t want to miss this production.

  3. The play was amazing and I would definitely reccomend it to anybody!! The actors were incredible and extremely believable. The play was the perfect amount of time to keep you captivated the whole time.

    • Thanks, Audrey. WE have two more performances, if you have friends you want to see this: Saturday at 2:30 and next Friday at 9pm.
      Thank you for taking the time to post here. It means a lot to us.

  4. Menasche and the two kids were excellent, and the direction was great… Pacing, vitally important in a one-acter of this length was perfect… Mom and her FBI friend overplayed, but did not dishonor the material. Would love to see this cast with better makeup in a nicer neighborhood with this material or something better… Fine way to spend a Sunday afternoon

    • HI James, thanks for posting. We appreciate your comments. Yeah.. that’s the neighborhood. Can’t do much about that. Adds flavor to the experience.

      • Thanks, James! Glad you made it out and enjoyed it. I know the neighborhood has it’s issues…a whole other venue for discussion there. Just recommend bringing a buddy or a crowd with you on the way. :)

  5. I loved it. It was well written, funny, and superbly directed. I really like how the cast played off each other – lots of talent on that stage! “Dad” was scary at first, but then I started sympathizing with him. Is this wrong?!? This play was reminiscent of shades of SF Mime Troupe’s finest work, back in the day!

    • Wow, Virginia! Thanks. That’s quite a compliment. I’m happy you appreciate great political theatre – and there’s so much to draw from. Patrick’s script is just spot on!

      Thank you for taking the time to post.

    • Virginia,

      I will definitely take such a wonderful comparison to the SF Mime Troupe–especially when you refer to it “back in the day”…Thanks for coming out and enjoying it with us!

  6. Hysterical, witty, and a great time. I absoltely loved it! So relevant to everything happening in the world with technology right now. Wonderful writing and directing. I would definitely recommend this to all! Everyone can relate to this production.


  8. Im glad I was able to catch this show at the fringe festival. I enjoyed the social commentary very much and wasn’t expecting the twisted relationships at the end (no spoilers!-see it for yourself!) I thought the daughter was a standout in the cast – she kept the abusurdity of the situation grounded in emotional truth and I loved the FBI agent and the over the topness of his character. Congrats guys on creating and sustaining local art!!!!

  9. This play is an awesome timely romp! Super fun exposure of our modern fears and apathies regarding our technological times. Very clever to show two different generations responses to today’s life- very clever to have cosmic Jesus pizza man AND the worldly agent man in the mix. The actors were great fun, and their passion for this play was a delight. Of few outsanding moments were, well, almost EVERYTHING the agent did, and single particular outstanding moment was when the wife took the audience along with her as she realized who her “lover” is in reality. Awesome play! Awesome energy from the actors!!

    • Pat, thank you for the thorough feedback. Glad you enjoyed yourself! I try top be “worldly” in my off time as much as possible as well, and I certainly enjoyed the role. Nice teaser of a review without giving away too much! Thanks!

  10. Strong acting and the play moved beautifully – ups and downs in tempo but never letting the viewer get distracted from the story. Didn’t catch on to the “zinger” until just before it was disclosed – very nice! Only critique is that I felt there was a bit too much dialog and/or action – there was some really sharp political commentary that I didn’t catch right away because things were moving so fast, and I know some other viewers missed entirely. I do think slowing things down slightly to make those “hit” well would be an advantage, not a disadvantage, to the overall experience.

    Definitely recommend! Thank you for the invite :)

    • Thanks for that thought, Tammy! Sorry you felt that some of it moved too fast and hopefully those who missed some of the commentary at least enjoyed themselves. Maybe in a future production we can address some more moments to slow down…love the frenzy, but hate to lose people in the process. Thanks for the recommendation!

  11. This is one must-see play, a comedic tour-de-force with twice the hilarity of Feydeau’s farces, and is brilliantly written and directed! I got whip-lash from laughing so hard at the situations touched on in the context of a dysfunctional family dealing with issues that are rarely addressed in real families… nothing escapes unscathed in “Singulariteen,” exploring very contemporary political and social subjects, and we even get a mysterious visit from an FBI agent. Set in an absurdist context, “Singulariteen” provides thoughtful and provocative insights, helping to challenge our views on more issues than you ever thought possible to see in a one-act play. Hester Schell’s amazing direction gives wings to Patrick Brennan’s brilliant script in wonderful ways, and indeed, this show just flies… and so does an aerial drone that lands perfectly in one of the cast-members hands… and this cast is over the top! You must see this play! Now, on to the New York stage!

    • Adam, if we extend the run, we will recommend neck-braces for the whiplash hilarity. What a great period to be compared to…I admit I had to look up Feydeau…so thanks for some education as well. I might add some French farce absurdism beyond Pirandello to my literary knowledge now! Thanks so much!

  12. What a great story and very well performed. A group of my friends got together and we all loved it. Hope to see these folks doing more performances at The Exit!

  13. I loved Singulariteen! Fast moving, Funny, Thought provoking. Not 1 dull moment! Great twist at the end! And I too, loved watching mom ‘catch on’… Especially loved both of the kids. Good energy, through-out! And that’s a good thing- for a 10:30pm curtain! This was my first Fringe experience. I loved the Exit, and the concept. Hats off to you! I’m be back for more on Saturday!

  14. A group of us drove the party van up from Fresno just to see this play. We were not disappointed. What a fantastic hilarious play! I laughed my head off and developed ulcers simultaneously. Everything, federal employment and parenting singulariteenagers in particular, was depicted with “if you don’t laugh you will cry” accuracy. All the actors were great. Sissy’s hairstyle and outfit totally live in my house. I definitely recognized some people I know in there … eeek.

    Thumbs way up. Wish I could see it again!

  15. Singulariteen was fun and thought-provoking. I really enjoyed the acting of all characters, the facial expressions were fabulous. Hester does a great job directing and pulling the hilarity out with comedic timing.

  16. This was my first time at the Fringe festival. I totally enjoyed and recommend others go see the show, Singulariteen. Funny material, using relevant political issues of our day. Loved the hilarious plot twist at the end. While all the acting was good, I especially enjoyed watching characters Eddie and Sissy, very talented young actors. My only confusion with the show was why only the mother’s suit was in shreds and all their make-up white?

    • Chris, glad you enjoyed yourself…we went for some themes that some might get and others might, like a slight restoration throwback to amp the farce elements (the white makeup) and the mother being torn up by the government…but in the end, the thing that matters most is that you enjoyed yourself.

      • Hi Chris. Great questions…. Yes, the white face is a throw-back to the great “restoration” comedies, courtly sex farces of high and low class, which today I think is the 1/% and the 99%, economical unbalance we see today. It also adds a “heightened theatricality” to the fringe technical requirements of very limited set and a 15 minute load in and out. The make up and costumes become much more emphasized as we have time to do more with that, than we with sets.

        Design elements are metaphorical: the set was a toddler’s play pen with the baby blocks while mom’s government job is in shreds, as I see our government’s inability to legislate, the pending and threatening shut downs coming from Washington, etc. A visual metaphor for government – reflected in her corporate suit in shreds.

        Glad you enjoyed the show. See you next year.

  17. Deserving of every laugh and clap. Great rhythm and timing. Makeup was excellent and the white face allowed clarity and separation of the actors even on a small stage.
    Great directing, great acting and oh yeah GREAT SCRIPT!!!!

  18. We loved “Singulariteen”. It was thought provoking, touching on many of the issues facing society today, but doing so in a humorous way. WE always enjoy the Fringe Festival, and this year was no exception.

  19. A rare treat of big theatrical fun. Over-the-top yet just right. Forward-thinking without neglecting the value of a good story. Absolutely entertaining.

  20. Loved, loved, loved this play. Witty and sweet, harsh and sassy, this play was interesting to watch and the actors (and actresses) did a great job portraying the subject at hand. the forward thinking story was absolutely entertaining!

    • Leigh…so glad you enjoyed yourself in triplicate! We are glad the play worked on different levels for it. We are finding this to be true for many people! Thanks for coming out.

  21. Many reviewers have already expressed my thoughts and sentiments. Energetic, excellent acting, pacing and characterization. Hester’s directing was superb and she really moved the action and actors to give us their highest and best! Bravo!!!

    • Pamela, I blush at such high praise. Thank you for taking the time to come enjoy the play and to tell us so adamantly.

  22. Best comedy at the Fringe. Lots of guns and a lots to say. The actors are solid and work well together – fast, smart, really connected. For what turned out to be very serious fringe good to see something really funny.

    • I hope Patrick knows what a hit he has on his hands. Thanks, David, for saying so. Glad we brought you some laughs and much more!

  23. A high energy and witty show. Loved the characters, and the young woman who played the daughter was the shining star or the show. I enjoyed every minute of it. Great job to all!

    • Thanks. She is Emily Radosevich. And yes. I agree with you… she shines in this role. We are so pleased you enjoyed the play.

    • Thanks, Becky! Emily is great to play off of, though I get little time to do so, it is a pleasure working with her! Glad you came out!

  24. A standout performance! Well written and brilliantly portrayed. An insightful experience for a modern world. The standout role was that of the daughter who, for me, stole the show. Definitely a must see. A picture perfect first fringe festival experience.

    • Yes, Emily is pretty stellar–glad you enjoyed her and the show! We all enjoyed navigating Patrick’s insightful script.

  25. It’s so good to laugh at how screwed up the world has become. That’s the beauty of Theatre of the Absurd. Playwright, Patrick M. Brennan has got the ability to hold up a fun house mirror so we can see our insanity and laugh. He’s a gifted playwright!
    But because this production had a great ensemble cast of kookie character actors, directed with a truly absurd sense of humor, the play WORKED! I had a great time and would highly recommend this show to others. THANKS!

  26. Singulariteen was filled with lots of funny and punchy one liners. Filled with a very awesome mix of WTF and serious topics, but always had the entire audience laughing from beginning to end of the show. Great job from the director, to the cast and the entire production team!! As a jaded San Franciscan, I was happily surprised by the amazing talent pool of local artists that this city still has to offer us in indie theater. Thanks Fringe Festival and Exit Theatre for keeping it up!! Bravo!!!

  27. I forgot to write a review after seeing this last week but I just thought of the show again while I was sitting here at work. really well written show fantastic. the dad really scared me were fantastic too. Are there more shows elsewhere?

    • Thanks. We’re researching that very possibility. Stay tuned.
      Friend the SINGULARITEEN page on Facebook so you’ll be sure to know when and where!

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