18 thoughts on “RELIGOMANIA (a.k.a. “Holy Crap!”)

  1. We saw “Religomania” on Saturday night. It is now Wednesday, and I am still humming “Religomania, hate, hate, hate . . .” It was a quick SF getaway for my husband and me; Religomania on Saturday and An American in Paris on Sunday. Lovely as the Gershwin tunes are, it’s the music from Religomania that I can’t get out of my head! I had an expectation of the direction the show would take and was both surprised and moved at the conclusion! That is everything that I can possibly ask of any artistic endeavor!

  2. This was a fun musical! The singing, songwriting, and lyrics were great. The storyline could use some fleshing out, though. It seemed to mostly be a vehicle to share the songs. You might consider a “cabaret” type of format instead. (Similar to the Capitol Steps). As the director of a troupe that does improvised musicals, I’ve forgotten what it’s like to have to memorize all those songs and lines!

    • Thank you so much seeing Religomania and taking time to comment. Our musical is about 2 hrs. long – this is an abbreviated version for the Fringe. We will definitely flesh out the story line when we do a full production.

  3. The music was outstanding, and the voices were fantastic. A fun and fast paced hour, very professionally done. I would love to see this show expanded a bit; I’m sure it would easily fill a longer performance, and be even more penetrating and impactful. On the other hand, it couldn’t be more fun!

  4. Fantastic show. The irrelevance and equal opportunity offense was delightful. The songs were clever. The talent was amazing. Very well done. Will patiently wait for the original cast recording so I can download it.

  5. Blasphemy…Blast for you!
    Just a ton of fun. Great performances with wonderful voices. Spot on comic timing shows off the Director’s attention to detail while showcasing the actor’s individual talents.
    I would like a CD of the show because I can’t get a couple songs ou of my head but sadly don’t remember all the lyrics. May just have to go see it a second time.
    Catch this one!

  6. Don’t miss Religomania! Intricate, irreverent and irregardless of one’s faith, Religomania is a fast-paced romp through the halls of catechism! Catch it today!

  7. This is not to be missed! Funny, thoughtful ,timely ,intelligent and did I say Funny! What a treat to see Debra Ryll’s characters come to life in this great cast. I can hardly wait to say I saw it first when Religomania hits the Big Stage! Bravo!

  8. Religomania is sixty minutes of pure joy and asks the question, “Why can’t we all just get along?” Writers Debra Ryll and Michelle Rudgren and director Shannon Davis propel the audience through an energetic exploration of what separates us and what doesn’t. Their original music and songs sparkle with new ideas and stomp on old prejudices. The choreography and costumes are hilarious. There’s lots to laugh about and lots to think about in this production with its lovable, goofy, talented cast. So, so good! So, so fun!

  9. I was lucky enough to get a ticket to tonight’s (Saturday, 10/16) performance! Fun, funny and just when you didn’t expect it – very poignant and vulnerable. A tight, sharp show delivered in 60 minutes.

  10. I was astounded at how entertaining the Wednesday night preview of Religiomania was. This was essentially a musical review satirizing the remarkable chaos organized religion has and continues to create. For the limited time of sixty minutes a lot of funny observations were presented and one beautiful song had the entire audience truly moved!

  11. Saw this show tonight at Fringe. They had a really fun fabulous cast. There are some seriously talented performers in here. The songs are fun to sing along to and the dancing is great. There was some definite jabs against religions though, so if you are easily offended, maybe not for you.

  12. I saw the opening night performance of “Religomania” at the San Francisco Fringe Festival tonight. Musical Cafe produced its first public performances in January of 2016. Hats off to writer Debra Ryll and her creative crew on building upon that experience to produce a VERY ENTERTAINING musical. The songs were clever, fun and musically rewarding. The script moved along at a good clip creating a satisfying arc for this complicated concept.
    The cast was solid and energetic. The vocal performance of these six people filled the theatre with a rich exciting sound. They all were good. Musical Cafe regular, Juliana Lustenader gave her usual excellent, natural, standout performance.
    Real credit belongs to Director, Shannon Davis (also a Musical Cafe alum). Her characterizations, pacing, staging, costume choices and choreography were crucial to the success of the night. Especially, the choreography. Shannon challenged the actors and they delivered. “Religomania” takes on big, philosophical themes that could be easily trivialized. Whenever the show could have slipped into the mundane, the choreography and big voices swooped in to give us a stimulating dose of musical theatre magic.
    For a very satisfying musical theatre experience, I urge you to GO SEE RELIGOMANIA!

  13. I saw their opening last night. Wow! What an insanely talented cast with great choreography and direction. The dialogue and lyrics felt well-trodden and would have fallen flat in the wrong hands. The actors kept the momentum going. The clear direction and zany performances were the key to the success of this show. I recommend you take some time and go check this one out!

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