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  1. Reclaiming is an interesting word. Kim shows us how in order to reclaim her truth she had to be willing to feel and look at a lot of things she might not have “enjoyed” feeling and seeing to get to the place where she could reclaim ALL of herself.

    It’s powerful and beautiful to witness the courageous moment when someone reclaims themselves. To me it was just as powerful to watch Kim face her fear and trust her inner guidance.

    I loved watching Kim calmly have reclaiming conversations with her cousins yet imagining all the emotions she must have had to feel to get to the place where she could tell the truth about what she experienced and not back down.

    Kim said as much with what she left out as with what she told/showed us. For example the subtle way her mother implied if Kim hadn’t of slept in the attic … (this might not have happened) – was so beautifully nuanced just like it is when you tell someone what happened and they try to find ways that what happened could have been avoided. The scene where she was afraid to knock on her mothers bedroom door is still vivid in my mind.

    Kim didn’t shy away from the physical graphic details of people crammed into boats leaving Vietnam with no idea if they were actually going to survive the journey yet knowing they couldn’t stay.

    Kim’s gorgeous open smiling face drew us closer and then she dropped truth bombs. This is another Fringe shows that I would like to see again because there are so many layers. I hope Kim comes back to the Bay Area.

  2. Kim’s ability to be vulnerable and to effortlessly switch between characters make this show worth seeing! It allowed me to reflect on ideas of identity, diaspora, collective and individual trauma, and family. I particularly loved how existential the motorbike scene was. Well done, Kim! I hope everyone gets to catch your last show!

  3. Hurrah! Hand your heart over to Kim for an engaging, beautiful, love-filled hour. Her one-woman show surprised and delighted me and made me think–everything I want from theater. I left feeling like I’d learned something about how to survive, how to find identity, and how to surf.

  4. I could watch Kim Chinh forever! Vivid Vietnam scenes, tho it was less about that homecoming than I’d anticipated. Nice nuanced character work with her brothers and cousins.

  5. Kim’s show is super, excellent stage presence, highly recommended.
    She handles a series of life changing events in a measured way .. same as she obviously did in real life. For those of us who never really had to relate to our identity on such a continual level, it was also a learning experience for me.

  6. Reclaiming Vietnam was spectacular, engaging and very emotional. Kim’s pacing and story telling were perfect. I cannot imagine a better performance than this one.

  7. A beautifully woven story about self-identity and growing up as a mixed race woman.. Kim’s spirited performance took me on a happy, serious, emotional ride. Such confidence and bravery in sharing her story — I was captivated throughout the entire show — and loved the victories! Would love to see more of Kim’s work in the future! Brava!

  8. Reclaiming Vietnam was a brave and honest look at family, the past, and how identity intertwines with everything. The engaging story telling took me on the dramatic ups and downs of motorcycle rides, holiday visits to home, and a young woman’s journey to reclaim her life, culminating in a triumphant celebration of her own identity. Fantastic, engaging, and ultimately uplifting.

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