20 thoughts on “Raised by Gays and Turned Out OK!

  1. RAISED BY HAYS AND TURNED OUT OK! is an earnest and honest one-person show. The topic of the show is very well described by the title. Elizabeth Collins tells her story, in a direct manner – her openness is simultaneously endearing and almost scary because she does not appear to put a wall between her life and what she tells us. Everything she says seemed (at least to me) to be true, heartfelt and with a story-teller’s skill-set but without protective artifice – there seemed to me to be no emotional safety-net. Elizabeth simply and effectively communicates her growing realization of the effect that her parents’ sexuality and life choices had on her own her life and her own life choices. The method of storytelling is sincere and straightforward. I can recommend Elizabeth’s play. It is a spare, open and honest self-evaluation of her life; and it deals openly and honestly with a topic that is not much discussed. Congrats to Elizabeth on a wonderful show.

  2. I enjoyed this show a great deal. I kept wishing to know more about aspects of certain parts and was left with…is this the end already? She is charming, sweet, and personable and makes the audience feel at ease very quickly.

  3. I attended Sunday’s show and was moved to tears and also heartfelt laughter. Listening to this young lady on stage bear her heart and soul with such private and personal stories was inspirational to me. I would love to meet her father and hear more of this story. He sounds like a hero to me. I wish I had a dad like him.

  4. This was a funny and sweet performance. I found the performer’s story of growing up with a gay father and his “roommate” – not to mention the other complications (such as getting a Vietnam vet for a stepfather, converting to an anti-homosexual Christian sect, etc.) engaging.

  5. Thank you for sharing your heartwarming story, Elizabeth. I enjoyed your understated candor. I do think that the show dragged a bit in places and could be tightened up. Best of luck to you as you continue to develop it.

  6. An engaging coming-of-age story, told with humor and candor. And the family photographs of the real-life characters (and Christmas tree with character) were an added treat.

  7. I loved this show! Elizabeth Collins sneaks up on you in the most unassuming way. I expected to laugh, but I didn’t expect to be so deeply moved at the same time. When it was over, I realized I laughed not because parts were “haha” funny (well, some were), but because they were shared human truths with a light newly shined on them. She got us to see hidden parts of ourselves by getting us to laugh at them. A remarkable performance. Thank you!

  8. I’m surprised I’m the only review of this far. When an la reviewer said she was a mix of David sedaris and Sarah vowel I sort of rolled my eyes..until u saw her!! Great show you should not miss!!

  9. Hilarious and inspired!! I almost didn’t go cuz I thought after 30 years in the gay world it would be old hat but this woman is a comedic genius. Her understated economical dry delivery had me laughing till my stomach hurt. And u really could see her intense skill fullness compared to certain comedy shows that are very heavy-handed and hammy. She was a brilliant Inspirstion. I’ll go to anything she does next!!

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