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  1. As Dr T., Kelly does amazing physical work on stage. She holds space w/ body + roller contorting and shifting her frame and voice creating memorable stage pictures and a visual language I’ve never seen before. Dr T is a quintessential oddball and a truly original character creation. I want morrrrrrrre.

  2. Sorry to disagree with all her fans (or friends) but Dr. T didn’t make me laugh, break my heart, charm or enlighten me the way they claimed she would. Self-indulgent, cutesy shtick is not meaningful theater. The minute she entered with her giant phallic symbol I knew how it would end up. Boring and predictable. Years ago the Vagina Mobilogues handled this subject matter so much more intelligently and humorously. Hi

  3. I LOVED LOVED LOVED POONSTRUCK! Very funny, very courageous, very boundary-pushing and in the end, very deep and soft. I’m a lesbian feminist, and it was an extremely heterosexual show, but I just totally surrendered to Dr. Tallulah from her first moment of diddling the audience. The actress is so present and on edge that you can’t tell if it’s a written work or an improvisation. That’s my what I call a great performance. Thank you, Dr. Tallulah! And the haircut wasn’t too shabby either!

  4. Nesbitt’s show is a personal confession of revelations about her life that are in many ways universally applicable. Her fast moving humor kept a smile on my face the whole time.

  5. This show gets me every time. Same story of awakening, same character, but always alive and evolving, folding in new insights and deeper corners of her (our!) psyche each time she rolls by. I can see her sauntering by and winking at me as I write this. Thanks, Doc!

  6. I’ve seen Dr. Tallulah (Kelly Nesbitt in case you don’t already know) a number of times. Dr. T will make you laugh, and then she will break your heart, and then she’ll make you laugh about that. It’s a rare thing to see such emotional honesty paired with such great physical comedy, and Nesbitt brings tremendous energy to her every performance. Don’t miss her!

  7. Dr. Tallulah is a riot. Her shenanigans had me in tears. This show is a MUST-SEE. You will have no choice but to be fully engaged, and you will get lost in the floor acrobatics and stories of self-adoration. I don’t think I’ve ever seen a more complex character in a comedy show, and the level of commitment was unsurpassable. What a wonderfully uncomfortable ride it was.

  8. See this show! Omg how strongly can i say this!? This is how strongly: i am deciding to write this review on the very day of the Great American Eclipse of 2017, when in mere hours the minds and souls of a nation in strife will be shaken into a sharp awareness of what matters, and stupendous collective events may unfold. And in the midst of this chaotic time, there is Dr. T, there is Kelly Nesbitt, showing us a glimpse of what beautiful messy sexy poignant humanity is, and bringing us on a ride while she’s at it.

  9. I am Doc’s number one fan. I’ve seen her twice now in Portland OR, and am crossing my fingers she will come to WASHINGTON, DC. Doc, if you’re reading this, please answer my prayers.

  10. “What a treat to watch you grow this piece, develop this character, and take the audience into the palm of your hand. You are a magnificent clown, and Dr. Tallulah clearly has a long life ahead. Thank you so much for sharing her, and yourself, with all of us.”

  11. “I got to watch Dr Tallulah muse on getting her mojo back and it was so delightful. She’s a nutjob with a heart of pure gold. I loved how she took all of her “spiritual” practices to the extreme in her quest for answers. She’s that kooky aunt who’s all about crystals and chigong and ain’t afraid to tell you about it. But when she confesses that none of it is really working to bring love into her life, my heart broke a little.”

  12. “Nesbitt’s ability to fully embody the dynamic emotional seat of her character, fully mesmerized me. I heard her character’s thoughts as my own and found myself transformed along with the other audience members into the volatile world of our own fragile egos. I was delighted and horrified to crawl inside of this woman’s head.”`

  13. “In a world that shy’s away from the expression of our sensuality, our sexuality, and all the messiness that comes along with it, Dr. Tallulah creates a necessary bridge that simultaneously makes light of our taboos, while inviting us into the exploration of our own hidden desires. And it’s a beautiful service to use the creative arts to create safe spaces for us to explore the fringe of our wishes and wants, to go further into our psyche and shine some light on parts of us that never should have been left in the dark.”

  14. “Dr Tallulah is a fission reaction of theatrical genius, burning up the half-life decay of stereotypes in a generator of the antiquated and the post-modern, making a seamless unified whole of the power of the serious and humorous. Each edible morsel of tasty comedy is laden with the nutrition of spiritual satisfaction, every little gesture delivery is imbibed with sensuality and didacticism. As a savant and visionary, Nesbitt both merges and confounds expectations of how audiences can appreciate and denigrate new age malapropisms, like a metaphysical cross between Archie Bunker and Dr Ruth on steroids and viagra.”

  15. Kelly’s work is completely professional in concept and performance. Dr. Tallulah charmed me out of my skull.’ `Paradama

  16. Kelly’s confidence on stage and the absolute fully formed character gives the feeling you’re in good hands. The commitment to the opaque marketing – if someone wasn’t quite sure whether it’s a serious event, comedy show, performance art, public medical procedure; even after arriving and standing in the lobby, they could still be unsure. 5 minutes before the show they might think “fuck this is actually a Lamaze class” and leave. That takes vision and some real courage to play with the contextual framing of a performance like that. The feeling that the character/workshop/show/idea refuses to be neatly categorized – bringing a huge amount of laughs and heart, growing way beyond the confines of one “type” of performance. Makes it unforgettable and the bond you can grow with the character is pretty amazing & amazingly hilarious. I came into the show shy (saw Kelly in the lobby, and darted my eyes away) but left changed, however slightly, and that’s pretty rare. Kelly 9Dr Tallulah) is onto something amazing as a performer/creator, please keep doing it!’

  17. Kelly Nesbitt has conceived a hilarious yet poignant piece about the personal challenges, learned stereotypes, conditioned expectations, and beautiful divinity of female sexuality. Her character, “Dr. Tallulah,” is clever mix of exaggerated physical humor, quick, witty lines that surprise and delight, and silent, serious introspection that made me, a female participant in her “therapeutic healing session”, sigh in understanding and compassion for the confusion around female sexuality she conveyed so brilliantly from behind a comedic veil. The elements of this character complement one another so well – the serious was lightened up by ridiculous pelvic undulations and a spunky Irish accent…and the hysterical was quieted by moments of vulnerability around intimacy. A must see!

  18. Dr. Tallulah is the patron saint of our times- a desperate seeker, clinging to every vaguely buoyant healing philosophy in search of an end to her desperate thrashing in the sea of post-youth, pre-menopause womanhood, and cracking the audience up while doing it. The child of Christopher Guest, Enya and Lucille Ball on mushrooms. Kelly transforms her body and her expression throughout the piece, reaching peaks of awkwardness, gut-busting physicality, and thought provoking depths. It’s a weird piece, but it truly brought me into a state of Vaginal Consciousness, and I would gladly hire Dr. T to teach at my Yogi-Tantra-Shaman Convergence workshop, just to see if people could tell that she’s joking.

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