16 thoughts on “Not Until They’re Dead

  1. Like everyone said Alice and Micael are charming. This show was beautifully done. Loved the tent/fort with the lighting shining up on their faces, their humor, how they interacted with the audience and the way they play off each other.

    This is where it gets complicated for me. I wanted them to go a lot deeper. I said this to a friend. He said “Well, the premise of the show is they can’t say what they want to say until the people they are worried about saying it to are dead. So this is probably as much as they can say right now.” Yeah, good point!

    I may be the only person who wanted them to go deeper and that is probably unfair to them. However since I saw moments where they let themselves go all the way there and their blurb said dark and nightmarish – I wanted to see dark and nightmarish. I get dark is relative and that the level they went to may very well be the perfect level for their audience.

    I spent almost a week going back and forth about writing words that could be perceived as “negative” and I know in my heart that there is criticism that tears down and the critical eye that says you (the artists) have more to reveal and share.

    That said if it’s useful – use it- if not, throw it away.

  2. This is a show that is not trying too hard and yet these personal stories simply told are still refreshing, insightful, and delightful. Micael and Alice take good care of their audience, letting us ride the waves of funny and heart breaking with them. They have a really warm connection with each other. Basically this show is down right therapeutic, and I don’t know about any one else, but that is certainly what I am needing in clinical doses and what a gift to get it from the theater.

  3. An EXCELLENT show that is touching, full of heart, fun and retrospection. The two brave and original women on the stage will steal your heart. They can dance, sing and make you cry. Don’t miss it!!

  4. These artists crack open complicated bittersweet nuggets of humanity with grace, yearning, laughter, rage, love … and songs and costumes! Really nailing the balance between personal revelation and appreciation of universal experience, these performers made it look easy to be deep and light at the same time. So good. 🙂

  5. These two talented women offer an entertaining and thought provoking hour of song, dance, home movies, clowning, monologue and dialogue. Spurring one another on, they reveal the complex nature of our relationship with our parents: we love them, but can we be honest about the craziness? And it all ends with a big Broadway finish! Cathartic and revealing, a must see.

  6. Two female performers tell stories – mostly based on their less-than-lovely relationships with their parents. They rip out their hearts – and show them to us. And then they sing and dance. Loved this piece. Very raw. Very fringey! Go see it!

  7. Compelling. Vulnerable. Simple. Lovely.

    This piece is deceptively and refreshingly simple which allowed the performers to focus on packing their stories with heart and effortless humor. They share stories of complex and challenging relationships, which we can all relate to, and even at their darkest moments (or perhaps because of the darkness) they found a way to weave in light and love. Well written and honest, without being precious. Highly recommended!

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