9 thoughts on “A Night in Wilkes Ferry

  1. Just a wonderful storyteller with beautiful and important stories to tell. I went with no motivation other than to fill time before the play I really wanted to see, and I was so glad I did. Still ruminating over the Civil War battlefield story about the theft of the dead man’s uniform.

  2. So glad I got to see your last show. Thank you for bringing your stories and Southern charm all the way from Georgia -a delightful surprise.

  3. Oh my. Oh my, oh my. What a captivating piece of storytelling! Beautiful writing and spellbinding performance. I was delighted to have caught this masterclass in the form I have so come to love. Storytelling at its very best.

  4. I was held captivated by the stories in this charming presentation. My hunger and fatigue (5 shows that day) disappeared as the enchanting yarns unfolded taking me to familiar places where I had never actually been before. I recommend this play very highly and suggest that you give yourself a treat and attend while it’s at the S. F. Fringe.

  5. A Night in Wilkes Ferry is a beautiful intimate show where I felt like I was on a porch in the summer listening to a spellbinding storyteller subtly impart teachings to me. Christina mentions To Kill A Mockingbird (as it is set in a town not too far away from Wilkes Ferry) and her show has that same kind of feel, where you see what it looks like (and doesn’t look like) to be a person who has integrity. So many images from this show will stay with me. Christina did the whole show from 2 chairs and I felt like I had traveled not only back in time with her but into the soul of Wilkes Ferry. A sleeper hit of the Fringe !

    • Thank you so much for this review. I think it really helped with audiences for the final two performances. IT was so kind ofyou to come and to write this lovely review. Good luck. So delighted to have seen you and your performance.

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