8 thoughts on “My Favorite Cafe

  1. People in general just aren’t witty anymore. Rob Chase ‘s lyrics prove that some folks still know the meaning of witty. Anna has a beautiful singing voice and honest performance. Eddie is a fantastic singer and funny as well. The intimate atmosphere adds to the setting.

  2. My family and I had a great time. We all enjoyed the well written humor. Both actor gave amazing performances. Their singing voices were amazing. The cozy theater made it feel like you were part of the play. I highly recommend this play to anyone.

  3. Deana Barone’s show MetaFam is not to be missed. Funny, poignant, fresh, and captivating it lives up to its ‘concotion’ subtitle beautifully. Deana is so in the moment that it wouldn’t surprise me if the show looks different the next time I go see it. You must go too!

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