9 thoughts on “How Not To Die

  1. Funny and informative. A full circle loop to the 60s and back to the present day. Information we should all ponder presented in a hilarious top ten list. This show could save your life!

  2. From the war against germs to the atomic bomb, Sherri Rose summarizes with a lot of humor our powerlessness in the face of evil. Specially compelling today.

  3. Based on real life events and personal accounts, the ever-delightful Sherri Rose shares one fascinating story after another from surviving WWII and relating it to the seemingly imminent Trumpocalypse; to growing up during the Cold War era and relating it to lone shooters in schools today. In this beautifully crafted tapestry of tales seamlessly interwoven from the 40s to today, you’ll see one interesting character after another and you’ll certainly learn a thing or two about HOW NOT TO DIE.

  4. HOW NOT TO DIE – Some background on the show
    Three years ago, I was rummaging through old photos. I came across one of my 5th grade teacher, Miss Dufur, from 1961. The height of the Cold War and atomic bomb drills and dog tags for school kids. The next day a friend told me her boys were doing “shelter-in-place” drills. Hiding behind a teacher’s desk in case a shooter came into their school. Another generation of kids huddled in the dark! At that moment all the absurdities, all the ways we try to safe in an uncertain world, came flooding in. And HOW NOT TO DIE was born. A lot has changed since 2014 and the show has evolved with it. Through dozens of performances and two Fringe Festivals. Please join me for sound advice, cathartic and bonding moments, and some fun! It’s what we all need right now.

  5. I’ve seen Sherri’s show a couple of times, and love how it keeps evolving. It has only become more and more relevant to these times. Why, oh why, did we ever think that ducking under our desks would protect us from nuclear bombs? But, I’m sure some version of this will show up soon (did you here that you shouldn’t use conditioner on your hair because it attracts radiation?). Sherri’s story is serious, and funny, thought and memory provoking. She is the best story teller I know!

  6. As a Millennial (hate that word though), it was fascinating to see Sherri Rose tell us about the apocalyptic fears of 50 years ago. If the New York Times, NPR, and the New Yorker fill you with fear these days, this show will make you laugh, reflect, and get a little perspective.

  7. Congratulations on an entertaining evening of dark, edgy, humor.
    I pulled out an old can of spam for breakfast this morning that clearly has 2 more years of shelf life; my hands are 97% clean and I’m heading off in a zig zag fashion to set up my basement for potential disaster.

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