17 thoughts on “Hitler in the Green Room

  1. I was very impressed by this show. There was message, there was authentic but simple costuming, excellent acting by all, live mini band, and song and dance numbers in “goose step” that were point on. Our leaders are Puppets and the control is with the puppeteer, Classic , Timely and Historic

  2. Brilliant, timely, hilarious, and sobering. Others have compared Hitler in the Green Room to Mell Brooks’ Springtime for Hitler. I’m reminded more of Charlie Chaplin’s The Great Dictator. Cast, musicians, and crew are to be applauded for putting on a show that makes us laugh, and think, and consider our own part in the current state of affairs.

  3. Hilarious! And the songs were pretty catchy too. The whole cast did a magnificent job and performed well together. Witty and interesting storyline and a somewhat surprising ending. Well worth the price of admission. Well done!

  4. Hitler In The Green Room had me laughing then left me thinking. First and foremost this is a fully costumed musical performed with a live band. The music is good and the performers are hilarious and energetic. Amidst the revelry of nazi buffoons something interesting happens – a gay Jewish drag queen steals your heart. I’m not crying, you’re crying. I’m not reflecting on my own complicity within a Trump America that threatens to squash “others” who can’t or won’t assimilate their way to safety, in laughing and having a good time! Right? Good show.

  5. Hysterical. Springtime for Hitler on steroids. Even though the purpose was pure entertainment, and succeeded brilliantly, there was an ongoing suggestion that maybe a lot of leadership is propped up stooges while the real power is organizing the show, The song and dance routines are pure Mel Brooks and Doctor Demento.

  6. I saw this on opening night of the festival. The actors and musicians were solid. I was smiling and laughing throughout, but also got a little choked-up during a song, and got chills during appropriately uncomfortable parts. Admittedly, it’s odd seeing swastikas sprinkled throughout a satirical musical, but KS Haddock made it work – which was super-important given the past and current political climate we’re all in. Opening night was a full-house and I heard Wednesday night was nearly full, so if you want to see it, plan ahead and buy your tickets online so you don’t get turned away at the door because it’s sold out.

  7. This show is a gem, and a must see! I was unexpectedly moved; at first blush it’s a mawkish farce, a cartoon joke in musical form ala “Book of Mormon.” But it’s got much more depth and human pathos than one would expect from a 45 minute show. I highly recommend it!

  8. What an incredible piece of theater. So blessed to have seen this show full of laughter and sorrow but, mostly laughter. You don’t want to miss this.

  9. I CANNOT express how excellent this unique musical comedy is! During last night’s extremely compelling performance, thoughts – of specific people who absolutely ‘MUST SEE IT’ – intruded; NOT because my mind wandered (the show is far too dynamic for mental wanderings!), but because it is THAT GOOD! BRAVO!! It boggles my mind as to how CLEVER and supremely talented there folks are. I came away wishing not only for a DVD of the performance, but a CD of the WOW! music, that makes you feel emotion, and dance in your seat! I’M goin’ back for MORE!! DON’T MISS IT!!

  10. What an outstanding show! Do yourself a favor, grab and friend or two, get a beer at PainoFight and see this show afterward. It’s a thought-provoking show which will make you laugh out loud. You’ll be talking about it and singing the tunes the next day.
    There are clowns in power, sometimes satire is the pill to get you through four years.
    Where can I buy the soundtrack?

  11. With the ilk of Alt-right and Neo-nazis rearing their grotesque heads from the muck, along comes KS Hadock to smack their ideologies down and lift us up with song and laughter and make us see and think and feel. More timely than ever.
    The Cast poignant and jocular in their performance and the music is spectacular.
    Go see it.

  12. A good comedy will make you laugh out loud. A good musical will have you singing the melodies the next morning. A good satire will cut to the bone of something that is hard to look at. Exposing the raw underbelly of our human frailty and malice. Inviting you to leave your seat and climb in, under the skin, to celebrate the small victories of the soul.
    A great show does all of these things. Hitler in the Green Room is a great show.

  13. The story line was fantastic. Lots of clever lines that brought immediate laughter from the audience. It was clear and concise in its timing and of the delivery of the lines. The music was superb and very supportive. The tunes did not drown out the actors voices. The writing was great and the skilled directing of the show was ever present in the performance.

  14. Outstanding performance at the Sneak Peek! If that is any indication of the full show, you’re going to have a hit! Good job! And timely!

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