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  1. I’d like to complement Denise Dee (Rebel Seer) for the insightful reviews she’s generously given for so many shows and performers in this year’s Fringe. Rereading her review of James Sunquist’s “Expeditious Intent” after I’d already seen it made appreciate even more what a magnificent performance I’d seen. If there is a “Best of Fringe” for reviewers she deserves it.

    • Ben- Thank you! I love writing reviews. I am not trained in theatre, so my reviews have the energy of seeing a show through curious eyes not critic eyes.

      I go into every show with the attitude of “I’m in their world now,” and suspend how I think things work/are until the lights come back up.

      I love that the Fringe Festival review page like the Fringe has a variety of styles and opinions.

  2. If you are a performer of any kind in and/or around the Bay Area and you have not ever thought of performing at the SF Fringe than you are doing a disservice to your chosen chraft.
    The sense of community and support you will feel from staff, techs, volunteers, patrons, and fellow artists is awe inspiring.
    Read my words and hopefully I will see your show at Next Year’s SF Fringe!

  3. What a fantastic fringe festival to be part of – great people, tech, venues, bar…fabulous chance to meet audience and other performers after shows (and before). And 100% of ticket sales to the artist? A life-saver. Thank you, SFF!!

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