14 thoughts on “Expeditious Intent

  1. James was fantastic! I was crying from laughing and so delighted by his ability to take us into so many realms. His powerful characters and voices were inspiring and totally engaging. What a ride. I look forward to seeing more of his creations!

  2. Loved the intensity of this show. The obsurdity woven into real life narrative kept my interest throughout. The show ends with a heartfelt message that resonates with the audience. I hope to see this show again in more venues!

  3. An intense and delightful experience.

    James moved though a variety of mood and material which took me along on a comical and deeply personal journey. The show moved quickly and changed in tone and setting often, but James clear performance kept me with him at every step. At the end of the show I felt really good and excited about life.

  4. Yes. It’s such a difficult endeavor taking on clown and personal narrative. James mutha fuckin nailed it. I laughed a lot. I loved his stories. What a delightful piece of theatre. Makes me grateful for the art of theatre. Thank you.

  5. Mask, mime, vocal sound effects, James is a powerful and charming performer. His show goes from off the wall zany sketches to personal and moving storytelling. A joy to watch!

  6. From the moment the show began, I was captivated. James’ talent for voices and sound effects brought outrageous characters to life. He created surreal situations, and I wanted to go wherever he wanted to take me. (at one point there were clowns listening to elevator music in the afterlife – and I was completely on board)
    After the fun and craziness in the beginning, James seamlessly transitions into a moving story about his best friend.
    This show was well written and brilliantly performed. I really enjoyed it. Highly recommended.

  7. Performed by a wildly talented actor skilled in different characters, sounds and moods, this show is a rollercoaster of emotions that fuses comedy and drama to surprising effect. My first Fringe show ever, I hope others are this energetic and passionate.

  8. This show is funny, vulnerable, revealing and relatable. Unlike traditional solo shows, ‘Expeditious Intent’ has a fresh and surprising flow that keeps you wrongly guessing what’s next. Don’t let this underground show slip past you.
    Highly recommended. Also, bring tissues!

  9. I’ve seen a lot,- a lot – of shows at this Fringe and this one is one of the best. James opens up with an insane pantomime piece with outrageous voices and sound effects and just when I was about to say “please stop,I take it any more” he switches into a poignant story about his off beat school chum, and the story goes on from there. It’s a smart, well written, well performed piece that deserves to be seen.

  10. Rarely have I seen anyone with such a mix of flamboyance and sincerity. This is my favorite show of the Fringe so far and not (just) because James had punk rock badges made with Expeditious Intent on them.

    After the show I thought of Itchy and Scratchy, The Gong Show + Unknown Comic, Tom Waits, Bobcat Goldthwait and Harvey Pekar. I have to say this show is the first time I have seen Satan pay people to leave hell.

    If you’re ready to go on an amusement park ride through a room where you are not sure what is coming next with a stand-up comic/punk/boy you wished lived next door well then this is the show for you.

  11. The energy coming from the stage moves the audience no matter if they wanted to or not.
    His seem less transitions between surreal characters and voices, sometimes at a break neck speed, are awe inspiring.
    I personally can not wait to see more from this Performer.

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