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  1. I saw this show on the last day of the Fringe and I’m so glad I did. I was enthralled by Todd’s story of his efforts to help his parents – his junkyard/missile silo-owning father who’s so tuned out he doesn’t know he needs help and his mother who’s succumbing to Alzheimer’s. Todd so skillfully manages characters’ voices and gestures that you almost feel like he’s working with another actor. He’s not showing off – he’s doing what needs to be done to drive the story. I even, small point, like the way he rips pages from his calendar as he documents his year of intervention. How many calendars have you slaughtered so far on this piece Todd? This is a terrific show – see it when you can.

    • Thanks. A lot of calendars have been destroyed in the making of the show. I didn’t know I could REPLY on here. Thank you so much Jo.

  2. Seared into my brain is Todd yelling at his father. That moment where you lose it and you know how “ugly” you look and are being and you also know that what you are holding in needs to come out.

    Wow! The charming Todd who walked out onstage morphed into the Todd who was not going to hold anything back from us. We saw and felt his love, anger, frustration, fear and impatience. Todd gave up his apartment and his life for a year to help his parents and never once did he try to paint himself as self-sacrificing or as a hero. This made me love him and his show even more.

    Also seared into my body is the ending which I will not spoil. I did cry. Even if it’s Wrong is a show that I will not forget.

  3. Even If It’s Wrong is oh-so-right. Todd Pickering’s tour de force practically defines the word bittersweet. It’s the pragmatic meeting the problematic with pineapple in between. Literally, when life gave him pineapple he made pineapple salsa, cocktails, and heartrendingly symbolic, upside-down cake as the cruel grip of Alzheimer’s takes hold of his family.

    Migrating the emotional peaks and valleys, doing SOMETHING rather than succumbing to Pickers in the living room TV pit, Even If It’s Wrong becomes more than his mother’s catch phrase. It’s a call to action on Alzheimer’s and denial, and a reminder that our parent(s) will need us as we needed them.

    Especially if they have a few missile silos of history to get rid of, literally or figuratively.

  4. Todd’s difficult story of life made me cry a bit, but it made me laugh so much more. Let’s face it, life’s journeys are so much funnier in hindsight, and Todd tells his journey, and his family’s, beautifully and humorously.

  5. It’s hard to say something that hasn’t already been said in these glowing reviews. Even If It’s Wrong is a moving story everyone can relate to, and it’s told with humor and love by a talented actor who deftly switches between numerous expertly-delineated characters. Go see it!

  6. While Alzheimer’s is not an uplifting, draw-you-in subject matter, Even If It’s Wrong will grab you and pull you in. This is a poignant and touching portrayal of a middle-aged man now charged with taking care of his parents and the maddening and often hysterical relationship with his eccentric, overwhelmed father. The story is well crafted and Pickering delivers in this one-man performance. You will laugh and cry. Go see it!!

  7. A must-see production! Todd Pickering’s autobiographical play, Even If It’s Wrong, is a touching, poignant, and humorous account of him coping with one parent with dementia and another parent in some denial about how life must change as a result of that. The stories he shares as a son moving home to help his parents deal with this transition will resonate with anyone who has ever dealt with the surreal experience of managing aging parents and caregiving while trying to regain a sense of normalcy. Todd is a true talent! Definitely go see this show!

  8. Heart wrenching and motivating, “Even If It’s Wrong” is a beautifully authentic look into the narrative elements of an individual’s commitment to his family in the midst of indescribable anxiety. Even with its emotional depth, the delivery of the story captures and maintains our attention with all colors of affective resonance. I was moment by moment able to be present and appreciate every nuance of the actor on the stage giving me an intimate look into his most poignant of memories. Thank you for the perspective, and the refreshing authenticity of your work.

  9. My sweetheart and I drove about four hours to see this show and I would do it again in a heartbeat. Todd’s performance was heartfelt and genuine and the show hit me right in the heart. I don’t think I’ve been to a show where I have felt such a vast array of genuine emotions in a long time. I felt like I was let into a very special part of his heart and mind and sitting in the audience made me feel so lucky to be there to hear his story. It was beautiful and it hurt my heart but it mostly made me appreciate every moment that I have with the people in my life even more. That kind of change and reflection is why theater exists. Thank you Tood. You’re a gem.

  10. Todd’s show is amazing. He has a great knack for telling serious, heartfelt stories that somehow always make the audience laugh out loud. The writing was well thought out and the direction gave the show a great flow; I was entertained the entire time. I would recommend it to everyone.

  11. “Even If It’s Wrong” is the story about a man’s plight to take care of his aging parents, finding the humor and sadness along the way. Mr. Pickering has created a family oral history, and he guides us through it like Aesop would have with his listeners; at times gently, at times dramatically, and at times emotionally. The poetry in the tale shines through in the way Pickering bookends the piece beautifully. Worth a watch!

  12. Todd, I very much enjoyed your performance the other night. Maybe if you
    have time, you can go up to Tahoe and help my father get rid of some of his
    stuff! Thanks again!

  13. I cannot believe how seamlessly Todd Pickering transitions from the various characters he plays in this show. They were so vivid and distinct, it’s as if his parents were on stage playing themselves. This show has that crucial balance of levity to gravity. The levity is usually in the form of inappropriate humor at inappropriate times, and can be vital to surviving life’s dark hours. Todd nails it beautifully. There isn’t a weak link in the show: the acting, the writing, the pacing. This isn’t an amateur show or performer; this is the real deal.

  14. Todd Pickering has made a wonderfully funny, and dramatic story in “Even if its Wrong.” This story of an adult son going home to help his parents after his mother is diagnosed with alzheimer’s has you crying one moment, laughing the next, and then somehow manages to warm your heart seamlessly. Todd’s attention to the little details of each character and event along with his excellent performance brings depth and life into an already great script. I would watch it again and I recommend you watch it too,…even if its wrong. 😉

  15. Oh, Lordy! Anyone who thinks their parents have slipped a gear or two has put a toe onto this sad and funny road. What do you do when you find out your parents are oh-so-human, and you might just be the only grownup in the room?
    Super show!

    A definite “go-see”!

  16. Wildly hilarious dysfunctional family comedy. Todd’s performance is flawless. Engaging, effortless, charming, funny, hysterical at times. All delivered with such ease the play flies by. It’s truly over before you know it and you’ve laughed and cried. Did I say it was a comedy? There’s also the part about it being a drama circled around his Mother’s Alzheimer’s. But it’s a comedy. Or is it?

  17. I saw Todd perform “Even If It’s Wrong” at the Hollywood Fringe Festival in June and totally loved it. It’s a funny, poignant, engaging, and moving solo show about dealing with aging parents and a mother coping with Alzheimer’s. Todd is a talented writer, actor, and storyteller all rolled up in one. He brings a number of characters to life, including his parents, and delivers a performance that packs a punch. Great show for anyone dealing with aging parents or their own aging–or just anyone who appreciates good theater and solo shows in particular. Don’t miss this one!

  18. I had the opportunity to see this play at the Hollywood Fringe Festival in June. From the first moments – when you learn that a challenge must be faced – to the final moments when you are given an opportunity to respond – “Even If Its Wrong” lives up to its title and gives us all an opportunity to move forward into our future, regardless of consequences and fears… Todd Pickering has not only crafted a play that brings the reality of love to life but he also brings his play to life through a compelling and thoroughly realistic embodiment of himself…and all of us – as we will likely face similar challenges in our uncertain future. Bravo Todd – for your understated and realistic performance and for letting us see your past and into what might become our future…

  19. Todd is an excellent story-teller and should be commended on being able to tell such a personal story. He provides the audience with a glimpse into the world many adult children face these days. It is not an easy go, so Bravo to Todd for sharing this small part of his world.

    It is not your regular show about Alzheimer’s (if there is such a thing). Even if it is wrong is about the relationship between a father and son who are both dealing with Wife/Mother’s onset and progression of Alzheimer’s and both doing it in very different ways. The show is touching yet funny and light-hearted.

  20. I saw “Even if It’s Wrong” at the Hollywood Fringe Festival and loved every second of it. A charming, thoughtful, funny and poignant production that deserves to be seen. Todd Pickering has created a wonderful show about family, love, duty and life itself.

  21. This is a bravura performance by Todd Pickering, an outstanding storyteller, covering a calendar year of his life which he spent with his parents in their Nebraska home after learning his mother had mid-phase Alzheimer’s. Pickering’s style is filthy rich with visceral and immediate detail, with only glancing acknowledgement of the emotions at hand as he leaves that for his audience who are in shock as the days whiz by month after month – with so many chores and responsibilities – which Pickering, as the loving son, has to attend: clearing the garage, selling the house, selling his father’s auto salvage yard, rearranging and re-organizing their lives… all described with lighthearted humor and vivid characterizations amongst the unavoidable conflicts, reflecting the unshakable love he has for his family. One senses that, in that year, Pickering could afford little time to react to the crushing emotions of watching his mother’s mind deteriorate because there was too much to do, perhaps so much to deny, perhaps so much to fear. And so in the moments when he does breathe and gently describes a scenario of seeing her forgetfulness, it’s crushing. Then he zooms to the next task with an admirable cheerfulness under the inevitable weight of the shifting generations as child turns to caretaker. Pickering’s story is not one of “survival,” but recognition of the passing of time, of darkness that may come, and an enlightening example of how one might cope. Minimal set. Brilliant use of the calendar sheets as insta-props. Highly recommend. – Richard Lucas, Award-winning Writer and Director of “Bono and The Edge Waiting for Godomino’s,” Hollywood Fringe Festival Best Comedy Nominee, The TVolution Hollywood Fringe Best Comedy Winner, Hollywood Fringe Encore Producers’ Award Winner

  22. Todd PIckering’s original show “Even If Its Wrong” performed at Shakespeare on the Square in Aurora, NE was simultaneously deeply moving, funny and thought provoking. With serious subject matter his unique way of looking at life brings a lightness to heavy material that makes it easy to watch and almost impossible not to put yourself in his shoes. Brilliantly crafted!! Michael Hofacre’s keen direction brings outside eyes to the personal piece that help its light and dark corner’s be seen and received by the audience. Go see it!

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