24 thoughts on “A Day at the Beach

  1. A Day at the Beach throws 2 seemingly very different women onto a beach together with a few hours until the world ends and proceeds to strip away the personas they have put on to survive.

    One of them is much more aware that she has a lot of different personas within her – or is she? Is she using these personas to act open while hiding behind them? Is the one who seems more guarded actually more vulnerable? The way they played with distance and closeness was like watching a dance of intimacy and power.

    Karene Vocque was so matter of fact about what she was sharing that it was easy to want to follow her to the new Olympus. It was fascinating watching Mariah Cardoza try to give her power away.

    When I thought that all masks were off. Boom! Jaye Lee Vocque’s writing revealed a whole nother layer.

  2. attending my Second Fringe,and again my mind is blown by the work of Jaye and everyone on stage and off and i will have a different look at what the end means from now on …truely exhibition of heart for the sake of humanity , Delivering a rush of seriously important thought provoking feelings vibes tingles and tugs condensed it into an hour of In my opinion Awesomely put
    … thoroughly enjoyed unwasted time


    • Wow. I am honored by your words. Glad you enjoyed it on the level you did. Not sure Skippy would be right for President…but then again he can’t do worse than what we got now.

  3. A Day at the Beach reminded me of the 1959 Sci Fi film, On the Beach, about waiting for the end of the world. But in this case, the grim premise was mixed with lots of humor, and a surprise ending. Very entertaining and thought provoking. Kudos to the writer and actors–well done!

  4. Mesmerizing. Wonderful performances, especially Karene Vocque. Yes, there is a twist — and you don’t see it coming. A hallmark of great writing. It’s twilight zone-like, with a touch of humor and politics.

    • Thank you Sherri for your kind words. I grew up watching a lot of Twilight Zone so that is a high compliment indeed.

  5. Wonderful performances, intriguing premise (spoiler alert: which one?), quirky and thought provoking fun. Very, very Fringe. Feels like something Edward Albee would have written. Hats off to the cast, crew, and writer!

    • Thank you for such amazing words. The Albee comparison may be unwarranted but honored to be even mentioned in the same breathe.

  6. Frightenly reasonable and intriguing premise, creatively written (with surprising twists) and compellingly acted. Glad I saw it, have shared it with friends, enjoyed its humor and am still ruminating on the questions it provoked. Now that I think about it–all things I hope for from well done plays.

  7. Two girls that have their craft mastered and the writing to fuel a thought provoking play. This was a ride that kept my eyes on the stage and my brain pumping. Didn’t see the end coming and I was GREAT!!!


    • Thank you so much for coming to see our show. Very glad you enjoyed it and took the time to write a review.

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