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  1. Okay, I was holding out until after the Best of Fringe benefit show to say this, buI I think it needs to be said. The Fringe has a supportive community among patrons and performers. I’ve only seen one negative review on this site. People show their dissatisfaction by not giving a review. I think it’s remarkable that there were only four positive local reviews for this show considering it’s popularity. The preceding reviews from New York I suppose set expectations that this show was so outstanding that if you don’t like it you just don’t get it. Dandy Darkly is without question a talented and hard working performer. I wanted to be with him but I found the frenetic, unrelenting pace of his show, in a word -annoying. For me the best of his show was when he slowed down a bit and showed some heart, but then he went right back at it again. I can’t tell someone how to do a show but I would have liked to see him back off the frenetic pace (which he does quite well), from time to time and give us time to breathe and take it in.

  2. “Dandy Darkly” was the best show I’ve seen at the SF Fringe Festival in several years. I say that not to disparage other productions, but because last night I saw transcendent theater: one performer, holding an audience in the palm of his hand despite never straying from the center of the stage, never taking a step, using the power of performance, language, myth, and magic. The show is absurd, hilarious, and vulgar. Verbose. Witty. Crude. As of this writing, he has two performances left: his final Friday show, and the Saturday Best Of Fringe fundraiser for the Exit. Pick one and go. This is the must-see, must-experience show.

  3. Loved Dandy Darkly’s treatment of the myths and his extrapolation to modern references through his Southern/New York filter!
    I love his voice.
    He’s magical. The writing is so intelligent, his timing is impeccable His honesty is cutting and redemptive simultaneously. Go see him!

  4. The breakneck breathy pace at which Dandy Darkly whipped through these alluring tales that showed a ghastly side and then flipped back to shiny was similar to what I remember about cocaine and speed and crashing afterwards.

    Glitter in Dandy Darkly’s world is the “yellow brick road’ to the in-between spaces that some people feel very uncomfortable in and try to avoid. I love Dandy Darkly’s deftness with something is neither this nor that and it’s both.

    I ate up how he put Persephone, Hades, Chiron, Cerebus and many other mythic characters into present day context. I work with myth and archetypes with my clients and regularly ask them “How would that energy express itself in 2017?” and now I know I could send them to Dandy Darkly’s show to experience the power of creating your version of a myth. I loved that he urged us to Live Our Myth.

    Glam rock + Jester + Pan + Twisted Fairy Tale – don’t blame Dandy Darkly for exposing parts of yourself that you tried to bury. There were so many words that I just had to give over to letting them and the rhythm sweep over me and forget about trying to hear them all.

    Like the stories of being at the brink of death and having your life flash before your eyes, then being given a chance to go back for a few more years newly dedicated to using your gifts and being fully alive – not one of the walking dead – Dandy Darkly took us into the Underworld and brought us back up with our buried and forgotten treasures.

  5. ★★★★ Louis CK is undoubtedly backstage in the Edinburgh Playhouse, prepping for his show while his audience stretches around the block. They’re not keen to move in fear of losing their place, so I have to fight my way through to the iconic gay bar, CC Bloom’s, which nestles under the historic theatre. It’s well worth the struggle because Dandy Darkly has returned to Edinburgh with another hour of satirical, surreal stories.

    As each tale unfolds, Darkly alternates between wild gesticulation and delicate pois
    As a storyteller, Darkly is a unique creature even if you disregard his garish makeup and spectacular sequined and shoulder-padded jumpsuit. His performance style is rhythmic, hypnotic and entrancing. The original underscore only adds to the experience and the audience quickly tunes into his sinister tales. But it’s not all dark; there’s a lot of levity in Darkly’s parables and many laughs are elicited from an enthused audience. As each tale unfolds, Darkly alternates between wild gesticulation and delicate poise. His frantic energy feeds the tone perfectly and his voice is alternately a cutting weapon and a tender embrace.

    Rather than reveal the content of any of the twisted tales – in order to maintain the delight of hearing them for the first time – I’ll just say this year Dandy Darkly takes on the cult of celebrity, the art of storytelling and religion all with a retro-scifi twist. Each story segues easily into the next without needing to be hammered home, and the hour feels like it is over all too soon.

    If you enjoy storytelling that goes beyond simple tales recited to entertain and want something a little more mythic then Dandy Darkly’s Myth Mouth! is the place to be. Go along, open your ears, tune into the sci-fi signal and let your life be a little more darkly.

    Originally reviewed Aug 13, 2016 at the Edinburgh Festival Fringe by Frodo Allen for Broadway Baby Magazine.

  6. Dandy Darkly’s Myth Mouth (Edinburgh Fringe): ★★★★★ Review

    19th August 2016 by JWaygood in Edinburgh Fringe Festival 2016

    Digital debauchery. Dandy Darkly in ‘Dandy Darkly’s Myth Mouth’.

    There isn’t a storyteller as engrossing, twisted, or as sequined as Dandy. Dandy Darkly’s Myth Mouth is show of mythological brilliance. Dandy Darkly’s Myth Mouth explores the origins of myth through twisted and scintillating stories that span the epochs.

    Writing: I first came across Dandy Darkly previewing his five star Edinburgh show, Dandy Darkly’s Trigger Happy, last year, and I bloody loved him. His talent for storytelling is second to none. Everything about the metre, rhythm, and rhyming is completely transfixing. Add to that a wild and dark imagination and sense of humour, and Dandy’s stories are absolutely captivating. Dandy Darkly’s Myth Mouth is no different. There are wonderful twists on cavemen, Greek mythology, and even futuristic dystopias, that are full of darkness, laughter, light, and intrigue, covering everything from obsession, addiction, and BDSM.

    But it’s how Dandy very cleverly ties everything together for Dandy Darkly’s Myth Mouth that is just absolutely superb, and possibly even more polished and perfected than Dandy Darkly’s Trigger Happy. There’s an subtle overarching link between the stories that slowly becomes apparent towards the end. This tying together of everything that goes on in the hour (which flies by) is completely rapturous and eye-wideningly electric. There are even story connections between his previous shows too, demonstrating that Dandy isn’t just a master of tales, but a deity that reigns over an immaculately immoral universe of his own creation.

    Direction and Production: For starter’s Dandy’s costume is a feast for the eyes in itself. It’s a literally dazzling affair that captures Dandy’s flamboyance and off-kilter fun, and just adds to his already magnificent presence on stage. But it is also part of the show as Dandy’s outfit actually relates to some of the stories in Dandy Darkly’s Myth Mouth: a clever and unexpected twist.

    What astonishes me about Dandy Darkly is that his stories are told to a backing track. I’ve whinged many times about how a show shouldn’t be so meticulously paced that it fails to garner a dynamic, but Dandy Darkly’s Myth Mouth is an utter exception to the rule. Bespoke backing music adds an extra atmospheric dynamic to Dandy Darkly’s Myth Mouth: a spectacular soundtrack that enhances the horror, the thrills, and the humour of Dandy’s tales. And despite it running to a very strict tempo, Dandy still manages to make it feel completely spontaneous, and there is slight wiggle room for Dandy to respond and play with the audience to help give Dandy Darkly’s Myth Mouth a sparking live-wire feel. The only thing that would make Dandy Darkly’s Myth Mouth even more perfect is if he one day performs with a live band.

    Performance: Dandy can work and captivate a crowd like no other. As soon as he’s on stage and even before he starts to tell his stories, he creates a relationship and allure with you that tempts you into his sinister world. Then, once Dandy Darkly’s Myth Mouth really gets going, Dandy trips through his text like a white hot machete through Boy Butter™, handling all the complex and highly rhythmic stanzas like it was as easy as breathing. It’s an utterly intoxicating performance where you end up hanging on his every word, and not to mention chuckled pink and cheering at the unexpected jokes and sapphire-edged quips.

    Verdict: The finest of storytelling narcotics, Dandy Darkly’s Myth Mouth will have you comfortably thrilled. A master of myth and the duke of the deliciously debauched.

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