3 thoughts on “BLACK!

  1. You have one more chance to see this thought provoking, entertaining, and powerful show on Friday, September 22, at 8:30. Michael Washington Black embodies several different characters with different points of view and just his command of these different beautiful lilting accents is enough–but there is so much more to this show. Michael, I didn’t have a chance to thank you tonight after the show. You have given us a gift.

  2. Saw Black this evening, a finely crafted story told by a consummate performer. All the characters are likable and reliable narrators who have so much to teach us about what it is to be black, in the US. and in other parts of the world. While imparting important historical information, the characters ask us to consider the shackles that were deliberately placed on the minds of black people that impact how they see themselves and how others see and treat them today. I learned where the term “lynching” comes from, and felt sadness and anger at the methodical recommendations offered slaveholders to dehumanize, destabilize and create distrust among blacks making the oppressors even more powerful. In spite of the gross brutality committed against these communities, the characters remind us of the strength and love that has enabled them to survive and thrive and to create. I am always amazed when I think of how much “American” culture has been influenced by the art that is created in black communities. Bravo. See this play, you’ll leave informed and uplifted.

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