Playoffs 2017: Audience Favorites Showcase

playoffs-2Playoffs 2017
Audience Favorites Showcase

The Playwrights' Center of San Francisco
EXIT Stage Left, 156 Eddy St, SF
November 3 to November 11, 2017

The Playwrights’ Center of San Francisco presents its award-winning annual anthology of short plays. Come see the audience-chosen winners of our preliminary rounds presented together in a showcase of nine plays that range from hilarious to poignant and powerful.

PLAYOFFS is the successor to SHEHEREZADE, winner of a 2016 TBA award for Outstanding Production of an Anthology. This year we present a collection of nine short plays: seven selected by audience vote during three preliminary rounds of readings, and two chosen by the production team. From shaved bees to reanimated goldfish, from the fifteenth-century to the not-so-distant future, from fateful first meetings to emotionally-charged reunions, these plays encompass a variety of genres, tones, and styles.

This year’s playwrights are Vonn Scott Bair, Elizabeth Flanagan, Amanda J. Lee, Charley Lerrigo, Lisa Mammel, Alyson Mead, Lorraine Midanik, Laylah Muran de Assereto, and L. Zephyr.

This year’s ensemble includes Kelly Kelly, Brian Levi, June Alane Reif, Karl Schackne, Brittany Sims and Madison Worthington

Co-Produced by Bridgette Dutta Portman & Elizabeth Flanagan Directed by Carol Eggers & ShawnJ West Stage Management by Arashi Veronica Cesana Props Design by Arashi Veronica Cesana Set Design by David Donovan Lighting and Sound Design by Madison Worthington and Alexander Nigro Costume Design by Lindsey Eifert Photography and Videography by Jim Norrena Graphic Design by Ruben Rohde

The line-up includes:

THE ARNOLFINI PORTRAIT, by Vonn Scott Bair, directed by Shawn J West. A famous fifteenth-century Italian painting presents the image of a harmonious man and wife. But is there a secret behind it?

AUTO-MATED by Charles Lerrigo, directed by Carol Eggers. Hal enjoys feeling in control as he drives his automated car, Margaret. But what happens when he pushes her too far?

BLOODLETTING by Lisa Mammel, directed by ShawnJ West. Caroline Branham, a slave of George Washington’s grandson, is the last surviving witness of Washington’s death. While recounting Washington’s final days to his biographer, Caroline finds a way to take control of her own story.

FORMERLY KNOWN AS by Alyson Mead, directed by ShawnJ West. Barry and Lauren are attending their high school reunion. One of them is about to receive the shock of their life when a surprise guest reopens old wounds.

FRODO LIVES by Elizabeth Flanagan, directed by Carol Eggers. A mother struggles to bond with her teenage son as he prepares to flush away his pet goldfish. But is Frodo really dead?

LIST by L. “Z” Zephyr, directed by ShawnJ West. Dating. Vetting a potential life partner. Hormones. Ruh roh.

SHAVING BEES by Laylah Muran de Assereto, directed by Carol Eggers. Lorraine is a young scientist researching declining bee populations. When she runs into a lost childhood friend, she feels the need to defend the heroism of what she does.

SHOCK VALUE by Lorraine Midanik, directed by Carol Eggers. Life quickly gets complicated for Ben, who takes his girlfriend to his Grandmother’s supposedly empty apartment so they can have some time alone.

WAITING FOR VAN GOGH by Amanda J. Lee, directed by ShawnJ West. Two women, both searching for something they have lost, have a fateful encounter at Van Gogh’s gravesite.