Steve Hanson
EXIT Theatre, 156 Eddy St, SF
Saturday April 21, 2018

Activate your sense of nostalgia and join us in travelling back in time to a select point over the past 70 years. Based on the audience’s suggestion our improv performers will visit a decade from the 1940’s – 2000’s and revist one of the more influential events of that decade and the iconic music that defined that period of time.
Jeff Miner (Improvisor #13) A foundling, Jeff was raised by carnies until the age of eight when he ran away to study accounting. Having become the world's youngest self-made billionaire at age eleven, his fall from grace is now legendary - the sordid affairs, the futile humanitarian gestures, the failed bid for the presidency, the best-selling memoir. In order to escape the constant hounding of the tabloid press, Jeff took up improv where he has faded into blessed obscurity. He is not to be trusted.
Rasheed (Actor) Born on May 16, 1966 in Gary, Indiana, to Katherine Jackson (née Katherine Esther Scruse) and Joe Jackson, a musician. He is the youngest of ten children. After his birth, his brothers formed a band. He lived at home with her sisters, while his brothers and father lived an extravagant life in Los Angeles. She later moved in with them while his brothers were making a name for themselves, and signed a deal with Motown. He was in the shadow but later also made a name for herself. Doing improv, sketch, and other various forms of acting.
James Roop (Lead Ginger) is better than Rasheed. But who's counting? (James is)
Steve Hanson (Director) After becoming the first person in history to be rejected by his local community college, Steve left his birthplace of New Jersey in 2003 to open a pizzeria in Williston, North Dakota. Shortly thereafter the Williston shale oil boom hit, making his pizzeria worth millions overnight. With his new fortune Steve returned to New Jersey and launched a news parody sight, Hilaritan, with his high school friend and DJ Greg Kyriakakis. Despite a successful launch the duo quickly found themselves in massive debt after Steve invested all of his millions into a failed Hilaritan motion picture about right triangles called Pythagorean Theorem. Following the bank's foreclosure on the website Steve hitchhiked across the country to start again with a clean slate. Arriving in the Bay Area in 2014 Steve has been performing improv and doing sketch writing ever since, with NostalgiaProv marking his live theater directorial debut.
Brendan Howseman (Cast Member) studied Theater at Ursinus College in Pennsylvania, which no one has heard of. He started doing improv officially about three years ago, if you don't count the improvised directions to Trinity College in Dublin that he once gave to a nice American couple while vacationing in Ireland ten years ago. He is unused to referring to himself in the third person, but kind of likes it, and might keep doing it in his daily life.
nostalgia-Jessie Gray NostalgiaProvJessie Gray (Improviser #5) Crabby, scattered, compassionate, scattered, bossy, stubborn, quick to laugh.