Failure, Expectation, Possibility, Democracy

edited by Mark Jackson
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In the hit 2016 Shotgun Players production of Hamlet, seven actors learned
all the roles. Each night, in front of the audience, they drew from Yorick’s skull
the characters they would play, then had five minutes to get ready before
show time. Playing Hamlet Roulette explores what Continue reading

by Christina Augello and John Caldon
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One woman, three continents, six decades, and a lusty affair: from Mumbai to the Outback, New York to the Haight, and naïve schoolgirl to free spirit, Christina reveals all in Continue reading

WOYZECK, PELLEAS AND MELISANDE, UBU ROI Three Translations From the Cutting Ball Theater By Rob Melrose. $18.00 at Small Press Distribution and (wholesale distribution through Small Press Distribution Pubnet SAN #106-6617).

New translations of three classic modernist plays: Woyzeck by Georg Büchner, Pelleas and Melisande by Maurice Maeterlinck, and Ubu Roi by Alfred Jarry; with a foreword by Oskar Eustis of the Public Theatre and an introduction by Paul Walsh of the Yale School of Drama.

From the forward by Oskar Eustis, The Public Theatre, New York City:
“Rob Melrose is a kind of magician, and his theater, Cutting Ball, is one of the most exciting and integrity-filled enterprises Continue reading

by Fabrice Melquiot
translated from the French play by Ben Yalom and Michelle Haner
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Named “Theatrical Discovery of the Year” by the French National Critics’ Union, The Devil on All Sides is the play that brought Fabrice Melquiot to prominence as a playwright in France. Set in the war in ex-Yugoslavia, it tells the story of Lorko Ljević, a young Serbian man, his wife Elma, a Bosnian, and their family. Continue reading

translated by Paul Walsh. $20 at Small Press Distribution and (wholesale distribution through Small Press Distribution Pubnet SAN #106-6617)

New translations of the Strindberg chamber plays Storm, Burned House, The Ghost Sonata, The Pelican, and The Black Glove. August Strindberg began writing the chamber plays early in 1907 for a small theater in the center of Stockholm dedicated to his work. The theater would be called Intima Teatern (The Intimate Theater), and it would explore a new kind of drama for the new century.  Continue reading

by Mark Jackson
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On a weekend getaway to the new summer home Joie and Freddie have built in the mountains north of San Francisco, their disabled son, Erik, is lured into the river by a mysterious Rat Wife and drowns. Freddie’s sister, Andi, arrives with news of a shocking family secret, and Andi’s hopeful suitor, Bernie, is as surprised as anybody when everything turns upside down – including San Francisco itself. Freely adapted from Ibsen’s Little Eyolf, this new play grapples with marriage, family, class, nature, technology, and how our expectations can derail our deepest hopes and wishes. Continue reading

by Aren Haun
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Ben lands his dream job editing a documentary film for the prestigious Cannes Film Festival. The catch is — he’s only got one week to completely re-edit the five-hour version down to size — and Cameron: the self-obsessed, egomaniacal filmmaker, doesn’t want him to touch a fram. Things get even more complicated when Libby, the previous editor, returns and threatens to hold the master copy for ransom. Kill the Editor depicts a desperate, unrelenting, and hilarious portrait of the artistic process. Continue reading

working-cover-150wWORKING FOR THE MOUSE
by Trevor Allen
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Ever wonder what really goes on at the Happiest Place on Earth? Working for the Mouse, Trevor Allen’s award winning, critically acclaimed solo show chronicling the life of a costumed character, answers this and other burning questions like, “Is it hot in there?”, “Where do you see out of?” and “What kind of underwear does Mickey wear under there?” Allen recounts his tales of backstage debauchery, Continue reading

by Momo
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A Guy Looks for Friends Where He Can is MOMO’s first book devoted to his lifelong entanglement with cats. This collection of drawings and sayings by and about cats is a testament to MOMO’s belief that humor is the most effective form of rebellion. His cats, keen observers of Continue reading

a play by Martin Schwartz
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In The Diplomats, a zany farce written by Martin Schwartz, a veteran of cultural diplomacy, the year is 2005. Somewhere in Central Asia, a quartet of hapless cultural attachés try and absurdly fail to put on a comic theatre festival with the collaboration of a hilariously corrupt local government. In the midst of a human rights disaster, the performers they’ve booked refuse to show, and the diplomats take matters into their own hands. Continue reading

by Samuel Gallet
translated from the French by Rob Melrose
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Inspired by the 2005 Paris riots led by North African youth, Communique No 10 is set in a slightly futuristic megalopolis, surrounded by a wasteland where refugees and rebels seek refuge and violence has broken out. A young man was killed in Continue reading

by Stuart Eugene Bousel
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Winner Theatre Bay Area’s 2014 Best New Script Award. In this award winning play by Stuart Eugene Bousel, Bryon is in love with Patrick. Patrick is in love with Rebecca. Rebecca is getting over Doug. Doug fathered a daughter with Esther. Esther is Rebecca’s sister. And that’s just the tip of the ice-berg. Continue reading

Comic Plays and Sketches
by Elisa DeCarlo $15 at Small Press Distribution and (wholesale distribution through Small Press Distribution Pubnet SAN #106-6617)

Over a dozen comic plays and sketches by alt-comedienne and downtown performance artist Elisa DeCarlo including “Cervix With a Smile,” “Toasted,” “I Love Drugs,” Size Matters,” and “Diary of a Mad Fashionista.” Elisa has a unique comic voice developed over 20 years on the stages of alternative off-off-Broadway stages of Continue reading

and Other Stories
by Gary Carr
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In these eleven short stories by Gary Carr we follow a biblical-era weapons merchant with good taste in food, meet the author’s self-portrait in “Chekhovian action scene.” And the wild and funny ride continues, with stops for the likes of Jesus and a homeless guy who sells paintings. But as the tales and Continue reading

by Allison Page
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HILARITY is a play about a girl named Cyd. She’s not so nice. She’s not so sober. She’s not so happy. But she is funny.
Cyd is a comic on the edge of destruction. Liz is the only person keeping her from Continue reading

olympians-cover-150wHEAVENLY BODIES
Ten Plays from the 2011 San Francisco Olympians Festival
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Ten plays that were written for the 2011 San Francisco Olympians Festival inspired by the myths of heavenly bodies and elements of the sky: the stars, constellations, asteroids, moons, winds, planets and the sun.
Plays included in the collection are Continue reading