EXIT Theatre Specifications

EXIT Theatre
156 Eddy Street, San Francisco
CLICK HERE FOR EXIT Theatre Diagram (pdf file)

EXIT Theatre is an 80 seat proscenium/cabaret style theater located on the North side of Eddy between Taylor & Mason in downtown San Francisco, a block from the Powell Street BART Station. It is the main space of the EXIT Theatreplex that also houses EXIT Stage Left, the EXIT Studio and the EXIT Café. The house is at street level and is wheel-chair accessible.

The Stage
The stage is approximately 20′ wide by 12′ deep an entrance on stage right. On travelers, the curtains can be manipulated to widely vary these dimensions, to change # of entrances and expose Up Stage (US) brick wall for effect. The stage is raised 14″ from the first row of audience seating (please note there is audience right up to the edge of the stage).

Entrances directly to stage from the dressing room can be made Stage Right (SR) or through the back of the house. One can also enter from House Left (HL) down the stairway from the tech booth (though there is no concealed cross from dressing room to booth). Be aware that wing space Stage Left (SL) is at house level rather than stage level as there is a 5 ft. passage between the stage and the House Right (HR) wall. This passage provides access to a door SL that leads outside to an uncovered Back Porch area. The Porch can be part of an alternate concealed cross to enter SL. By exiting the dressing room through the back of house Vestibule, the Back Porch can be accessed through the common hallway (reverse for a cross L to R), keeping in mind factors such as noise and unpredictability of weather, it is an option to consider.

There is no flyspace, though lightweight items (no more than 25 lbs.) may be dead hung from the light grid above the stage. While the floor is wood, the back and HR walls are brick, so ability to attach or project items is limited.

Dressing Room
The dressing room Holds 5-6 comfortably and is located behind the audience, beneath the tech booth and down a concealed, lit passageway from SR. The room provides mirror and counter space. There are no private restrooms or sinks backstage, so performers share washroom facilities with patrons. There is no monitor system, but stage noise can be heard in the dressing room.

Tech Capacities
Located above and behind the audience, the booth has an unobstructed, “crows-nest” view of the full playing space. It is open and equipped with an audio monitor (for stage noise). Windows can be opened. The only access to the booth is through and clearly visible to the audience (though the indicated stairway allows for partial concealment).

Sound/Projection: 2 CD player and an 12 channel mixing board allowing for cross fades, live mic hook-up or instrument amplification. If you’d like to set up additional sound equipment, the system has flexibility. There are 2 speakers dead-hung from the lighting grid at the back of the stage that allow isolation left and right through the mixer. There is no projection equipment provided but it can be accomodated.

Lights: The board is an ETC Congo Kid controller console. Cues may be cross-faded manually or run as internals. There is an independent channel, add/bump buttons and a chaser. The house lights are on the board. There is an assortment of lighting instruments in the space.

EXIT Theatre Specs

Type: Cabaret/Faux-Proscenium
Audience Capacity: 80Standard Playing Dimensions Stage Floor
Width: 20′ Wood, no rake
Depth: 13′ Height from house floor: 14″
Wing space: 8′ x 12′ each side (1 step, DC)
Height (stg-grid): 14’1″ (1 step DR – hall to dress. room)
(stg-ceiling): 15’10”
Stage to aud.: 0′ (front of house modular) Dressing Room/Backstage 
Size: 7′ x 15′
Capacity: 5-6 people comfy
Access: Through Vestibule or direct from Stage
Access to Stage: SR, through Vestibule/house; through common hall/Back Porch to SL
Bathroom: In common hall – shared with audience, EXIT Stage Left
Amenities: Mirrors, counter space, prop table, costume rack, separate overhead light, clip lights, fan Booth 
Access: Stairs, house leftSize: 8′ x 10′
Capacity: 3-4 people max.House lights: on light board
Work lights: No control from booth
Monitor: YesSound system: 8 channel mixing board; 2 CD player; 2 channel pro amp
(2) mic. hook-ups, (1)mic available (1) instr. hook- up available, (1) booth mic
Other: Sliding window; Elevated, so usually warmer than house; No prime projector location; FanElectrical outlets…… Booth: Up to (5)
Stage: (4) SR
Dressing room: (4) [powerstrip]Other: Work lights controlled solely by switch in Vestibule
Patrons for both EXIT Theatre & EXIT Stage Left shows queue in common hall
Passage between Stage & HR wall must be kept clear as fire exit
Easy Back Porch access

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