EXIT Stage Left Specifications

EXIT Stage Left
156 Eddy Street, San Francisco
CLICK HERE FOR EXIT Stage Left Diagram (pdf file)

Located on the North side of Eddy between Taylor & Mason, a block from the Powell St. BART Station, this is the 49-seat, true black box space of the Eddy St Theatreplex that houses EXIT Theatre, the EXIT Studio and EXIT Café as well. The house is street level and, thus, is wheel-chair accessible.

The Space
See attached Spec Sheet and Ground Plan to check dimension specifics. With curtains in full use, playing space is approximately 20′ wide by 16′ deep and some wing space is available both Stage Right (SR) & Stage Left (SL). On travelers, the curtains can be manipulated to change these dimensions and expose the bare black wall. Be aware of the 12″ column that runs from floor to ceiling, is surrounded by a permanent climbing ladder and is located DSL about 1.5′ from the wall.

Entrances directly to stage can be made USL or DSL by way of the Ante Room. If used, the back curtain indicated above provides a concealed cross to enter SR. If this curtain is opened, no concealed access SR is available.

There is no fly-space, though lightweight items (no more than 25 lbs.) may be dead hung from the light grid above the stage. While the floor is wood, all walls are either sheet rock or lathe and plaster, so attachments are unavailable. You may not hang items or compromise the stage in any way without prior approval.

Dressing Room and Storage
Dressing Room Holds 6-7 comfortably and is located off USL. This room can be entered through the Ante Room, the common hallway, or direct from Stage and basically comprises the backstage area. The room provids basics such as prop tables and ample mirror and counter space but no additional amenities. There are no private restrooms or sinks backstage, so performers share general washroom facilities with patrons and EXIT performers. There is no monitor system, but stage noise can be heard in the dressing room. The entrance to the EXIT Studio dressing room is through the EXIT Stage Left dressing room.

Tech Capacities
Located House Right (HR) of the audience, the booth provides an adequate view of most of the playing space (USL is relatively obscured from view). There is a simple audio monitor (for stage noise) utilized. Windows can be opened for ventilation (a fan is provided) or effect, but this obviously makes sound more of an issue. Access to the booth is through the vestibule, at house level.
Sound: CD player and a 12 channel Behringer mixing board allowing for cross fades plus live mic hook-up or instrument amplification. I Again, please contact me well before your tech to deal with feasibility issues. There are 2 speakers dead-hung from the lighting grid at the back of the stage that allow isolation left and right through the amp.

Lights: The board is a Leprecon 24 channel MANUAL 2 scene preset. Cues may be cross-faded manually or run as internals. There is an independent channel, add/bump buttons and a chaser. The house lights are on a separate dimmer next to the board.

EXIT Stage Left specs

Type: Black Box
Audience Capacity: 49Standard Playing Dimensions Stage Floor
Width: 20′ Wood, no rake
Depth: 18′ Height from house floor: 0″
Wing space: 4′ x 4′ each side
Height (stg-grid): 14’4″
(stg-ceiling): 17’0″
Stage to aud.: 2′ (first row of audience on stage floor) Dressing Room/Backstage 
Size: 10′ x 15′
Capacity: 6-7 people comfy
Access: Through common hall, Ante Room, or direct from Stage
Access to Stage: Door direct to USL, DSL (through Ante Room)
Bathroom: In common hall – shared with audience, EXIT Theatre
Amenities: Mirrors, clothing rack, counter space, prop table, clip lights, fan BoothAccess: Through Ante Room; Size: 8′ x 6′; Capacity: 2-3 people max.Lightboard: 12 channel, 2 scene preset, manual
House lights: Separate dimmer, easy access
Work lights: No control from booth
Monitor: Yes; Booth mic: YesSound system: 8 channel mixing board; CD player; 2 channel pro amp
(2) mic. hook-ups, (1) MIC AVAILABLE; (1) instr. hook-up available (1) booth mic
Other: Sliding window; Control of house fans; Limited sight-line for UL action; FanLoad-in path: Through Dressing Room from common hall
Load out path: SameElectrical outlets…… Booth: Up to (5)
Stage: (4) SR, (6) US wall
Dressing room: (4)
Other:Shelf on back of house wall optimum for projection equipment
Permanent climbing ladder built around DR column
Work lights controlled solely by switch in Dressing Room
Patrons for both EXIT Theatre & EXIT Stage Left shows queue in common hall

Anything not covered here can be handled with a call or e-mail to me at your earliest convenience. Keep in mind that the sooner you contact me, the more likely we’ll be able to work together to accommodate your needs.

Amanda Ortmayer – Production Manager
156 Eddy Street
San Franciscio CA, 94102

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