Baby Ding Dong’s Chamber Pot of Lost Dreams

curated by Dan Carbone
Kingdom of Not
8:30PM 2nd Friday of the Month (except Sept)
EXIT Cafe, 156 Eddy St, SF
Limited Seating, First Come First Served, Pass the Hat Request

Here once again!
This show is FREE! We pass the hat.
Next show is Friday March 10th!
EXIT THEATRE, SF. 156 Eddy Street

EDNA MIRA RAIA! (of Potatoes Mashed Comedy)

More about this month’s special Chamber Pot guests:

Blackhoodygrrl: This blushing beauty is a tribal fusion belly dance soloist, choreographer and instructor. She can be seen dancing in nightclubs, music venues, festivals and burlesque shows all over the Bay Area. A life-long dancer with a background in classical ballet, she has been studying the craft of tribal fusion belly dance for ten years. Her darkly sparkly aesthetic and quirky music mixes have made her a favorite in the hidden nooks and crannies of San Francisco night life. For more information, please visit

Cameron Galloway is a local playwright, actress, and voice talent, continuing to develop her play “The Only Alone Monologues.”

Edna Mira Raia (of Potatoes Mashed Comedy): is an undiscovered, raw talent of the Bay Area, an unpolished gem, if you will. She is a characterress, comedy writer/director and sound designer, not afraid to delve into the vulnerable, dark corners of the sentient experience.

Shannon DeJong (aka the Artist Formerly Known as Gray) performs “Laughing Gone Wild“, the infamous “Tuna fish monologue” from Christopher Durang’s Laughing Wild…with a twist.

“Kingdom of Not” will not appear this month! Instead we present theatrical performances by:

Andrew Goldfarb (The Slow Poisoner) will open the show with his one-triangle play “Plight of the Pummeling Pyramid” which explores angry geometries, drunken camel-men, military failures and Druids. Rarely performed and even more rarely understood, this dynamic theatrical presentation will re-enact an ancient apocalypse utilizing the mediums of foam-core and a beach volleyball.

Dan Carbone: absurdist performer will present a rare performance of his solo theatrical piece “Up From the Ground” concerning a holy plant-like creature growing in a Southern cornfield and it’s entrancing effect on a young boy and his family.

“Dan Carbone is not of this earth! He is a true transplant from the real nether-lands. Not from the land of tulips and windmills, but from a region between retardation and genius!” – George Kuchar

“Jonathan Winters meets Cocteau” –SF Bay Guardian.

“Hilarious and elegant and really really weird!” – SF Weekly

About Kingdom of Not

KINGDOM OF NOT is the creation of award-winning playwright/ absurdist performer Dan Carbone, who has been terrorizing Fringe theatre audiences around San Francisco since the mid-90s before he took on the identity of Budd Underwood and teamed up with guitarist / musical director Andrew Goldfarb, aka the Slow Poisoner- also a writer of bizarro fiction, a comic book artist and a songwriter-performer in his own right. These two form the core of Kingdom of Not.

View a secret video dispatch from the Kingdom:

“Kingdom of Not” will saw your understanding of rock holes, rephrase amphibian states and transport you to a warbling narcotic nebula that David Lynch only hinted at!” -Number 6/ KFJC Music Director

“Fed by trash culture and fairy tales, spiked by violent, half-understood intrusions from adult reality, Kingdom of Not gets under your skin, and into your brain. It is an odyssey of oddness and an Iliad of illness (in the hip hop, as well as the medical sense). ” -Ben Graham/ The Quietus, UK